Phoenix Empire Family ☆PHX☆ is Recruiting

Looking for members to fill spots within our 9 alliance Family. Look for the ☆PHX☆

Line me @ Toya_76 regarding the family you are interested in joining.

The Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting!
• Phoenix Empire - Top 100 in Mythic Titan and AQ
• Phoenix Raiders ☆PHX☆ - Top 100 in Mythic Titan
• Stronghold My Beer ☆PHX☆ - Aiming for top 100 alliance
• The Donut Factory ☆PHX☆
• Phoenix Inferno ☆PHX☆
• Hellenic Last Stand ☆PHX☆
• Phoenix Knights ☆PHX☆
• ***(New) Phoenix Academy
• The Mandalorians ☆PHX☆ - Resting and casual players

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Looking to join an amazing Family? Send me a line message or leave a message here, and we’ll find the right fit for you!

Phoenix Empire ☆PHX☆ will be looking for ONE new team member after war. Send a message if you are interested in joining Line Toya_76

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War ends soon, looking for that special one!

Bumping the ad:

The Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting! We have seats in both the Phoenix Knights and our new Alliance Phoenix Academy - our training alliance!

If you are interested in a different alliance, please send me a message to get added to the waiting list!

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Bumping the ad…

Phoenix Empire is looking for 3! Come join an alliance in a great family! Send a msg in line if interested Toya_76

Stronghold My Beer is a Phoenix alliance? I didn’t know that. They’ve shown up a few times on the war recap.

Yes, they are. They’ve been in the family for quite a while.