Phoenix Empire Family ☆PHX☆ is Recruiting

Looking for members to fill spots within our 9 alliance Family. Look for the ☆PHX☆

Line me @ Toya_76 regarding the family you are interested in joining.

The Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting!
• Phoenix Empire - Top 100 in Mythic Titan and AQ
• Phoenix Raiders ☆PHX☆ - Top 100 in Mythic Titan
• Stronghold My Beer ☆PHX☆ - Aiming for top 100 alliance
• The Donut Factory ☆PHX☆
• Phoenix Inferno ☆PHX☆
• Hellenic Last Stand ☆PHX☆
• Phoenix Knights ☆PHX☆
• ***(New) Phoenix Academy
• The Mandalorians ☆PHX☆ - Resting and casual players


Looking to join an amazing Family? Send me a line message or leave a message here, and we’ll find the right fit for you!

Phoenix Empire ☆PHX☆ will be looking for ONE new team member after war. Send a message if you are interested in joining Line Toya_76


War ends soon, looking for that special one!

Bumping the ad:

The Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting! We have seats in both the Phoenix Knights and our new Alliance Phoenix Academy - our training alliance!

If you are interested in a different alliance, please send me a message to get added to the waiting list!

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Bumping the ad…

Phoenix Empire is looking for 3! Come join an alliance in a great family! Send a msg in line if interested Toya_76

Stronghold My Beer is a Phoenix alliance? I didn’t know that. They’ve shown up a few times on the war recap.

Yes, they are. They’ve been in the family for quite a while.

Phoenix Empire is looking for TWO players! We are very competitive when it comes to getting things done in our our alliance, so join before Monster Island and AQ!

Phoenix Knights with a ☆PHX☆, is also needing 12 good people! Come join an great family of alliances! line me at Toya_76.

Phoenix Inferno needs ONE! Line Gooder76 @Gooder

The Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting! Current Openings are in:

Phoenix Raiders 29/30

Phoenix Knights 18/30

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Phoenix ☆PHX☆ needs a few great players! Current opening openings are in:

Phoenix Inferno ☆PHX☆ 27/30 line gooder76

Phoenix Knights ☆PHX☆ 17/30 line Bhuddalicious

The Donut Factory ☆PHX☆ 27/30 line punisherbah

Hellenic Last Stand ☆PHX☆ 29/30

The Phoenix Family is looking for a few great players!

Phoenix Empire ☆PHX☆ Needs one!

Phoenix Raiders ☆PHX☆ needs one!

Stronghold my Beer ☆PHX☆ Needs one!

Phoenix Inferno ☆PHX☆ Needs one!

The Donut Factory ☆PHX☆ Needs four!

Hellenic Last Stand ☆PHX☆ Needs three!

Phoenix Knights ☆PHX☆ Needs 10!

Toya - tried to message you on Line but can’t find you?

Not sure if you could make contact but her Line is Toya_76. Alternatively you can message me @ victorstill.

Look forward to hearing from you.

I found her. We had a nice long chat on Line. Thanks for the follow up

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Phoenix Empire is looking for 3 players! New year, New chest, New Alliance! Come and be a part of the Empire! Line Toya_76

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Two spots left. If you’re looking for a competitive alliance where everyone knows what they’re doing, check out Phoenix Empire. One of the fastest growing alliances in 2022.

Source: Beezzer’s Top 100 Alliance War Report

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Phoenix Empire Family is recruiting, join one of our family alliances or secure a spot on a waiting list! Message Toya_76 and we can find the right spot for you!

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Phoenix Empire needs one!

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Bumping the ad, still looking for ONE new teammate.

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