🏯 Jade - 5* Nature / Green from Ninja Tower

Hey, but Salmon Loki is a beast now. I’d totally level him after the buff (no joke here).


If I got him I will level him, after his buff he it’s decent now, but Jade in this form never will see the tonics.

If there was a Salmon Loki Ninja… that will be Jade!

So broken and useless!!!


Hot :fire: Garbage. I might feed her to anyone so I won’t have to look at her anymore!

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Beg your pardon? Who is she on par with? She is a horrendous hero, even compared with S1 heroes!


Same. I got three ninjas and it is Jade, Mica, Jade. So aggravating. SG is sticking their middle finger at me and I still gave them money. No more. I’m out. Releasing a hero like Jade who has zero redeeming qualities in a “newish” portal is just such an eff you to customers. Like releasing the Salmon…another “new” hero that just sucks to pull. Heroes should be at least useable!


Damn, didn’t read her card correctly, you’re of course right. That makes her dodge among the worst ones (Marge at least charged mana, Kadilen creates minions, December’s HotM will heal). Her mana cut is still somewhat annoying on defense but seeing you don’t know when she uses it makes her too unreliable to be used even on defense.

Why SGG doesn’t buff her dodge so it evades also dispel and such? And adding some regular damage? Otherwise she’s really good only for family bonus.

They’ll come out with a costume I’m sure but the regular version will remain as is. I’m done with this portal other than free tokens.

Suggestion for jade.

Even if dodge ability remains at it is,
I propose her change to be just a tad on offense :

1x charge : all enemies get a thorn sprout (fiend) that attacks with 24% attack and gets removed from 18% healing.
2x charge : all enemies get a thorn sprout (fiend) that attacks with 32% attack and gets removed from 26% healing.
3x charge : all enemies get a thorn sprout (fiend) that attacks with 40% attack and gets removed from 34% healing.


this way, she can be used on defense (mana cut and fiends for all at very fast), while even some use aganist mobs (fiends to all at very fast). Currently normal mobs are unnaffected by jade from everything (they dont have mana neither do they cast spell for jade to evade)


Here is my idea of her buff that will instantly turn her into the most sorted hero in this portal

1x Mana Charge:

  • Reduces the mana of all enemies by 10%.
  • The caster gets +25% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 3 turns.
  • Increase the mana of all allies by 10%

2x Mana Charge:

  • Reduces the mana of all enemies by 15%.
  • The caster and nearby allies get 50% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 4 turns.
  • Increase the mana of all allies by 15%

3x Mana Charge:

  • Reduces the mana of all enemies by 25%.
  • All allies get +75% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage for 5 tuns.
  • Increase the mana of all allies by 25%

It will be as if jade stole the mana she cut from the enemies and gave it to all her allies


Nobody are talking about The Fish at the moment, so better we keep our secret…shhhh :wink:

@Suicide_Bunny :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::grin::grin::grin:

I cannot even guess at how many summons I’ve done in this portal, buying all offers many times. FINALLY, I pull a 5* ninja…and it’s Jade. The only ninja I would not Max.

She’s awful when compared to the other ninjas, and Ruby makes her a joke, imo. I’ve read all of the above and can’t really add anything new. Compared to other dodgers she offers little and compared to other ninjas she offers little.

I just want to add, nerfing Ruby doesn’t make Jade better. Jade wasn’t worth the materials before the new ninjas were added.


Nerfing ruby to make jade look better is the least of anyone’s concerns. Jade needs some really interesting buffs. While ruby needs a deserving nerf urgently


one thing I think Jade could use is a Lantern Minion. As these are already in the game, with animations and everything. The minion will be summoned upon a successful dodge.

1x charge: spawns a minion for the caster with 10% health and attack.

2x charge: Spawns a minion for the caster and nearby allies with 20% health and 20% attack.

3x charge: Spawns a minion for all allies with 30% health and 30% attack.

As the charge level goes higher, so does the Lantern Minion’s health and attack.

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This will not help her, she need to be reworked, first her dodge must be for all not only for the caster, also if they leave this type of dodge they have to add and direct damage, or if they don’t add a good direct damage I liked the idea of @Cerevan_the_Omni for the fiends or so on, but only minions will not work, he will remain again usles.


Finally got a 5* Ninja!! Oh, it’s Jade…wah wah. FML


Pulled her. I’m not excited. First Ninja 5*…
What do you think? Will there be any buffs in the near future? I think it’s complete insane, if you compare her to Ruby. Ruby makes her look like a really bad 4*…

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I have her on my alt account. Despite many pulls on both accounts, she is my only 5* Ninja. I maxed her and use her during raids and wars on my mono-green team. Is she the weakest of Ninjas? For sure. Is she useless? No, I don’t think so. Giving her mana troop and combining with Kingston and his elemental link boosting mana I find her quite effective during raids and wars. 75% dodge ability on 3rd mana charge is very effective, especially for 5 turns. Usually, when I’m able to use this I easily win raid or war matches.
I still think she should be buffed, maybe her additional ability should be that she transfer mana she reduced to her, her and nearby or to all, based on a charge.

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Let me guess their buff for her.

Charge 1: add 150% damage
Charge 2: add 180% damage
Charge 3: add 210% damage

The fix for everything is just to sprinkle on light damage, right?