Is the 365 VIP pass worth it?

I’m thinking about buying the 365 VIP pass cause I want to set a limit to my spending. Do you think it’s a good value for money option? If not, which do you consider to be the best gem deals around?

Yes, worth it alone for the second builder and 30 gems a day, everything else is gravy.

If you love the game and can afford it, absolutely.

I’ve been playing for almost 3 years but I still can’t commit to a one year deal :grin:

I’ll continue to buy it a month at a time. Otherwise I spend my money on offers that actually guarantee me something, like ascension materials, loot tickets, flasks, etc. Any gems I get with them I just consider to be bonus items.

p.s. when you have the VIP Dragon you can use it to warm up your coloured chests before opening. Some players swear it helps :rofl::joy:


Yeah, I play the exact amount of time and I’m still skeptical. I usualy opt for ocassional offers, but I think it’s a good deal considering the amount of gems that can be collected at the end of the year…

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I think it’s actually a better option to buy it monthly, and buy the periodic discounted VIP deals that have been offered 3 times per year.

Doing that costs an extra $6 over the course of the year, but gets you 1100 extra gems, and the freedom to not be tied to a year-long commitment.


@zephyr1 the periodic discounted deal sounds cool. I know that Rudolf in Xmas comes with ones. When are the other 2 out? :slight_smile:

We just had Dragon Magic recently.

Hallow Charms was around Halloween.

I included the links so you can check when they were discussed previously, including the dates.


thank you! appreciated!

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For over a year, I had been running VIP by just buying it every month. I kept thinking it would only save me a little bit to buy the whole year in advance, and what if I got tired of playing a few months from now?

Recently, I just went ahead and got the 365-day pass; I figured I do enjoy the game, I play it all the time, and I have no intention of quitting anytime soon. So I did it.

And @zephyr1… nothing stopping me from getting those special deals too, to add another month on top. :wink:

Good gaming!


I used to get the monthly VIP but have now switched to PoV. I think it gives better value, and especially now that I don’t really need 2 builders.

Will skip PoV when the VIP offers are available and maybe also skip some months to keep budget to same as VIP.

A sort-of related question… and this is a little embarrassing… I bought the 1 year VIP which apparently gives you a black dragon. Only got a green one in my base. Can’t see a way to replace it with the black one. Sad.

When you open the shop you can change the colour of the dragon whenever you want.


Aha! Subtle! Thank you very much :smiley:

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