Is rainbow feeding worth it

Many people rainbow feed but I’m not in a rush to level up anyone I have so should I rainbow feed and is it worth it

My personal feeling is no… However, I’ve noticed that one of my Sumitomos is a little bit stronger than the other, at the same level. I haven’t been paying attention to what I’m feeding, but that could also be an effect of feeding the same color to him… I also think that even thou the star levels are set in their value, that when you feed the same color to your hero, the get a little more of a kicker…

Yes this is true different colors are worth 150xp and same color is worth 180xp


There you go… There’s always got to be a reason to feed the same color. Do I do it, no… I feed what I got to what I’m building, good or bad, I get what I got…

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I am currently leveling 5 at a time so I colour feed. It doubles the chances of boosting special too until that is 8/8. When I finally reach a point where I’m only leveling one hero at a time I will rethink this, but that’s probably months if not years away. I have LOTS of 1-1 5*.

Edit: I would guess rainbow feeding is worth it for power leveling a hero really fast.


You get a 20% XP bonus for feeding matching colors, which means if you feed all colors to a single hero, you’re effectively wasting 16% of your XP.

To put that into context, that’s like wasting:

  • 4.8 days of feeders every month

  • An entire month of feeders every 6 months

  • Or 2 months of feeders out of every year

So if you have a hero in each color worth working on, your progress in the long run is considerably advantaged by feeding matching colors only.

It can be worth the inefficiency and lost long-term progress to power level a particular hero that’ll be a big game-changer for you, though, e.g. one that can help you complete Rare Quests and Challenge Events that you otherwise couldn’t, so you can get the guaranteed Ascension Materials from them.


Very interesting, I will have to start color feeding… Just in a hurry, but I guess its faster that way, as opposed to throwing whatever into the mix.

Yeah I know all that but I got 1 5* and he’s basically unleveled so should I rainbow him

That’s the key for me.

I’m not going to work on Prisca while I’m trying to do the last ascension of Isarnia - I want my shiny 5* as soon as possible and maximum efficiency by darned!


At the end of the day, it’s a game.

We can analyze the mechanics to determine the most efficient choices, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choices to maximize enjoyment for every player.


In my honest opinion, stick with something that has been tried and tested for a long time in this game. Go with colour feeding it’s more cost effective

if you did not have work for leveling *3, and *4 heroes, and your rosters have solid base *3 and *4, and has no more unleveled heroes to interest, then rainbow level to one hero is the only choice, IMO.


As others have said, especially the illustrious @zephyr1, in general no.

That said, if you’re in a hurry to level up a game changing hero that you just got, like Guardian Panther, Boldtusk, Rigard, Lianna, etc, if getting that hero to max level ASAP is worth it to you, then yes.

I’ve been doing on-color feeding for a long, long time (about a year now), so I have a very mature bench and not a lot of exciting options for maxing at this point. I’m leveling up duplicate 4* heros to 3/60 for late flags in Alliance Wars, but none of them really enthuse me because their first and bigger brothers (and sisters) are far more effective for everyday use. This is what happens when anybody gets a mature collection in anything.

But the moment I get my 6th tabard, I’m going to rainbow feed Seshat into oblivion, because she’s a gamechanger for my purple bench which is light on hitters (I’ve got Panther and Merlin, great but not fighting crime together). I’m already impressed with my 3/70 Seshat who can crack 800+ damage easily when the door’s been opened by Panther, but she’s just soooo squishy at that point.

But that’s just me, because having a 4/80 Seshat (+emblems I’m banking) is worth rainbow feeding.

For your average player, no.


I used to color feed, back in the days when I needed depth for wars. Was pretty strict about it, but leveling 5 at a time took like forever… Now I 100% switched to rainbow feeding, focusing on one at a time and I find it much, much more rewarding on the short term. Still, even if rainbow, I feed 10 at a time until SS gets to 8/8.


Ok thank y’all I’ve never ever rainbow feed ever and seems not very effective/efficient especially for situations that I see it in most so I didn’t know if I just did math wrong or forgot a factor or if it really is that inefficient

If you’re trying to build team depth, color-matched training is the fastest way to build a team.

Now that I have 40 maxed 5* and even more 4*, I’ve stopped strict color-matched feeding. When I get a hero or two I want to level,up, they get all the feeders. But that’s not how I built the deep roster I enjoy.


Here chart, you can see different on-color and diff color…


Imo I only rainbow feed if I need a character max level asap. Otherwise it is on color feeding. I also rainbow feed if I am out of backpacks and swords for the elemental training. If you’re trying to be efficient with your feeding, then do not do rainbow. If you just want a hero max level asap then do it.

It’s a 20 percent advantage per colour. I think it’s worth it up to the last couple levels before a stripe, and then sometimes you just want to power thought those annoying levels.


I never color match I have 25 5* 80 47 4* 70 and 7 5* 70 never had a problem getting skills lvl and I only work on 1 at a time othe then 5* where when it gets to 95k+ per 10 I only use 2 star feeders or better and will use the one stars on the next hero I’m going to lvl , now with the overwhelming amount of heroes I have I really only lvl a hero to keep my hero roster from filling up and I have over 5,000 feeders in 4 different tc’s but for speed I would try to only lvl one hero at a time

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