I'm new got a few questions

How many teams should I have? Should I have one of each color and I have yellow 3 * bane level 44, purple oberon level 30 3*, caedmon green level 24 4*, blue valen level 9 3*, and red azar level 29 3*. Where do I from here, i though about spending money but haven’t yet, and should i change my lineup?

Thank you

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Some others will chime in but this link should help.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NrH1K2GyUchel78ihqTZR6HmBekTP7Nqo3Dbbxc4ncg/edit

It’s a fantastic read and will answer many questions about how to build,what to build ,explain your heroes etc. etc. :grinning:

First of all, if you are new, welcome!

You have a pretty good lineup. I think Bane, Caedmon, Valen and Azar are good heroes at the beginning (congratulations on your 4* Caedmon), Oberon is ok.

There is no need to set up many teams if those are the only heroes you are training. I set up teams for diferent aspects of the game (defence, titan, raids, map) but that’s because I have around 3 fully leveled 3* heroes in each color that I can put in different situations. For now you can use the same 5 heroes if those are the only valuable ones you have.

I hope you can get a healer which is something necessary in my opinion.

If you wish to spend money, get in mind that money is mostly used to reduce time (getting gems faster, items faster), but doesn’t guarantee almost anything. You can buy gems for a 10x pull and get a bunch of 4* heroes, maybe 5* or get nothing but 10 3* heroes. It’s up to you if you want to play the slow way (not spending and collecting gem by gem, item by item slow and steady, which is what I do) or if you want to rush everything.

Good luck!

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I think it’s a good idea to make sure first u read up all ur players. Ones that link can b great together and then missing a color isn’t a bad thing. I like to keep it well balanced for the most part with the exception of raids and titans and some war situations. It’s called stacking. Once u have 5 of the same colored troops put the right color against the other teams center player. I will c how quickly u can topple teams 200-300 points ahead of u. Damn I tried to upload a video of stacking but this doesn’t support it. Ur elders and leaders in ur alliance can help u too. Best of luck!

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Here is a pic of a player chart too. U can search his name and then download his updates. They’re awesome. There r a lot of people who put out these charts and they are always in excel form too.

His handle is Pois 1. Solid info.

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Q: How many teams?
A: Six, if you’re going to participate in alliance wars. If you meet that target, you’ll almost certainly have excellent versatility for all other phases of the game (raiding, events, rare quests, the map, etc.).

Q: Should I level one of each color?
A: Yes, you should level one of each color at a time. Then a new one of each color. And another.

Q: Lineup?
A: It looks fine. Start with the heroes you listed. When they’re done, if you still have questions or want to get an idea what to do next you’ll probably want to make another post and perhaps share a bit more about who is on your roster.

Good luck!

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I’m trying to find another link I know have that even gives advice on leveling order and it gives u the ability to plug in ur 5 team lineup and it will tell u how it stacks up.
Sweet. Found it. Check this out.

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Just in case, stack up means to put 2 or more heroes of the same color which are strong against your target.

If you are attacking a red titan, then you can stack blue, so your line up would have 2 blue heroes and no green hero (which is the weak color against that titan). Stacking works basically because the damage dealt by blue troops will be the sum of the 2 blue heroes, which also will be double because of the strong color. On the other hand, the damage dealt by green troops will be just 1 point of damage, becuase there is no green hero, but that’s not something too bad because a weak attack is also bad.

In my opinion, stacking is a great strategy against titan and against the center hero of your opponent in a raid, but it requieres at least 2 trained heroes of the color you want to stack. So in the near future when you have a good roster of heroes give it a try.

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Hey everyone thank u for all the advice it as helped a lot. I now have bane, balthazar, caedmon, azar, belith, and also valen. balthazar is better than oberon right?

Also which red is the best?

Balthazar is far better than Oberon.

Hawkmoon (healer) and Azar (mana reducer) are the best 3* reds imho. Jahangir then to attack all at once and dealing damage over time (DoT). But he is slow mana.

Bane, Kailani, Gunnar, Tyrum and Brienne are also very nice 3*, especially Bane and Brienne.

Bane and Balthazar even have a place between 4* and doesn’t have to hide there.

Combine a healer, a buffer (high attack and/or defense for all) like Brienne or Gunnar, at least two damage dealers (Bane, Balthazar) and a mana reducer to get a well balanced overall performance of your team.

Thank u that helps all of what I need to work on and get the lineup I need

Bane is an excellent 3 and I tell u when maxed is an offensive power! Also Brienne is great healing. I have Bane and he’s a great hero in spots and during round 2 on wars can sneak in some damage. Plus Brienne has foiled me too. They’re keepers for sure

If you want to compete in the monthly challenge events, you are going to need a strong team of 3 star heroes for the “rare” level, plus at least 2 or 3 extras, since one color always reflects. The same is true for the 4 stars for the “epic” and “legendary” levels. Of course, any 5-stars are going to be a big plus for legendary.

If you want to do all the emblem quests (as opposed to only doing the ones that give emblems for classes you are currently strong in), you will need 2-3 good heroes of each class. You want mostly 4 stars here, if you want to beat the third level of the quest, but you can defeat the first two with several, perhaps even mostly 3 star heroes.

There are rumblings that some time in the future (version 20? version 21?), there are going to be weekly raid challenges. As we come to know what sorts of restrictions these have, it may turn out that some neglected heroes become important for competition here (for instance, beta testers report playing levels where all mana speeds are increased to “very fast”, which makes the “slow” and “very slow” heroes a lot more powerful, as they usually have very strong special attacks).

And as others have said, for wars, you are going to want 6 strong teams, probably with at least 6 healers total (some suggest 12 even).

In the end, you’re going to be extremely limited by (1) what heroes you manage to get (2) what heroes you have materials to ascend and (3) what heroes you have time and resources to level. But I suspect that with the current direction of the game, it will be a very long time before a free or cheap player reaches a point where the line-up feels “complete”.