I'm All Support - Need Attack

My current setup (for def) is the probably the best I’ve been able to work with so far (I’ve tried a few setups).

Current Lineup (Left-To-Right)
Alby: Max (6 talents)
Wilbur: Max (18 talents)
Poseidon: Max (7 Talents)
Proteus: Max (14 Talents)
Zim: Max

As you can see my team is primarily support and my trophies typically drastically decline overnight.
I must preface that I also have Domitia maxed with 6 Talents. I swapped her out for Proteus and over a week of testing she did worse!

Khagan: Max (7 Talents)
Domitia: Max (6 Talents)
Rigard: Max (14 Talents)
Grimm: Max (17 Talents)
Sonya: Max (16 Talents)
Hansel: Max
Caedmon: Max
Peters: Max
Tibs: Max
Boldtusk: Max
Wu Kong: Max
Kash: Max
(2x) Kirill: Max
Boril: Max
Chao: Max
Kelile: Max
Scarlett: Max

Isarnia: 4-32 (with Slow mana i don’t think shes ready yet until maxed)
Ranvir: 3-70
Anzogh: 2-48
Leonidas: 2-7
Vivica: 1-29
Kadilen: 1-17
Merlin: 1-8

I have many others but I think these are the most noteworthy.

What would you do? If all were maxed, which would you put as your defense for raids?

What about switching Wilbur for Domitia? Defense is the terrain where Wilbur doesn’t really shine. Actually, the enemy would be receiving some benefit from the shared damage if Poseidon fires; that would give a chance to recover from his attack, despite the def down. I think he’s the one who shouldnt be in this defense


That is a setup I never considered. Thank You - I will try it. I do like the idea of two purples flanking a yellow.

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And maybe switch Poseidon to rigard, also option

My personal vote is swap Wilbur for Chao. Mainly because a one two punch with Proteus and Chao is really good but Chao is your best choice right now for that pairing as since this is a defense team, Li Xiu would be better for a defense mana staller. That is just my two cents and feel free to experiment with that pairing if you’re feeling saucy.

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@Mezviets - I don’t know - Poseidon is one of the best snipers in the game and has fast mana, I don’t think it would be smart to put another support hero on my team of support heros.


@Aunty_Krauser - I’m not really a fan of Chao, especially on defense. The computer AI doesn’t know when to use Chao’s special (sometimes it attacks enemies with no mana).

If Mana control is a concern I would put up Hansel well before Chao. Chao’s mana reduction is nice, but his attack is pretty weak compared to others I have. I will admit - he works great for War attacks.

I do have Li Xiu but shes not maxed yet - there are many others that I preferred to work on first.

Right now I’m toggling between Platinum and Diamond arena and I rarely see Chao or Li Xiu in the 2300-2500 trophy range - I think @Keisuk3honda had a great suggestion in subbing Wilbur for Dom.


I was thinking proteus, dooh :smile: of course not poseidon
Alby, domitia, Poseidon, rigard zimkifa

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Agree with this. AI won’t always choose the right target, and reducing the mana of a single oponent 25% is not really worth it; in that case Hänsel or Merlin would be better choices. Li Xiu does it better in defense (I use her as tank), and if it weren’t for Wilbur, she would have emblems. Anyway, to go over 2200 trophies I think at least the tank must be a fully leveled up 5* Hero.

Maybe the suggestion of @Mezviets is to take in to account for AW when the field aid shows up. Nothing more annoying that the FA healing a charged healer which means 2 heals in a row

For me, it’d be go with the 5*s you’ve got nodes on:

Alby - Poseidon - Khagan - Domitia - Zim.

You’ll see a lot of blue - yellow 3-2 attackers, but with a bad board they can still get jammed up. It’ll all depend on whether or not Khagan fires and how fast they can get after Alby. The temptation will be to eat at the slower right side of your line, but doing so risks Alby slowly building mana, or Domi getting her yellow shield up.

It’s still not going to be a high percentage win defense, but it should hold you in Diamond and who really cares beyond that? I don’t think you’ve got the heroes to hold at much higher than the 2450 range.

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