If you could change 1 thing in the game, what would it be? And why/how?

If i could change one thing it would be to implement a system similar to hearthstone.

Every hero in the game is available to get without rng while rng still prevails in the game. You can exchange cards/heroes you don’t want or just have duplicates of for “dust”. Then you can use this dust as a currency to buy whatever hero you want.

Obviously there would need to be a balanced system in place for how much dust you get for exchanging heroes and how much dust is needed to buy heroes. Whales could buy more dust to keep the money flowing, people would be more engaged to work up to buying a hero they actually want instead of spending months for a big pull only for all that work to be wasted on a bunch of 3* dups you’ll never use.


If i was to implement something new would be a new token coin that cant be purchased but obtainable, how? War chests or titan loot with a 5 (titan)~ 8% (war) probability of getting a coin per chest, it would guarantee a 4 or 5 star hero, i would probably place it 90% 4* 10% 5*, this way free to play players would have a higher chance to get better heroes.
The heroes would be limited to S1 so no problem there

Did you say free? Nice try lol

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2 things, increased chances of obtaining 4 and 5 star heroes depending on the player’s activity and that the special abilities of the heroes are also obtained by games played.

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We have a system similar in 7ds where dupes become currency and heroes have prices. Ir works well.and like you said, when people can see they actually gonna achieve something they are much happier playing.

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1 - The possibility of diagonal move of the shields in boards.
2 - Better summons %
3 - Higher drops of tokens and ascension materials.
4 - Level heroes when used in battles.

Being able to “unascend” 5 star heroes to get the ascension items back or at least 1/2 of them. I really regret a few ascensions I’ve made (I.e All my Season 1 hero’s without a costume and of course my poor Myztero).

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I would propose more value for consuming duplicates, specifically: for 100k food per star-level of the hero, consuming a duplicate hero will a) max the level of the hero for that ascension tier and b) ascend the hero, without any additional materials, if the hero is ascension ready. So if I have a Boril at 3/1, one duplicate gets eaten to make him 3/60, the next promotes him to 4/1, and the next makes him 4/70, for a cost of 400k food each (so 1.2M food and 3 duplicates to get from 3/1 to max).

For those protesting this would eviscerate HA’s value, I deny that. I would much prefer a shot at Gravemaker than a second-tier Quintus, and I’m sure I’m not alone. However, this would let us get some backup 4* 1/1 heros up and running immediately, and lots of 3/60 ones would finally see tier 4. And it would help reduce the clogged rosters so many of us complain of.

Probably troops. Why are troops so hard to farm now a days? I’ve only been getting 1* troops.

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I know right?! Anything that makes the game enjoyable can only be purchasable

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I would change. When you have loyal people like myself paying money they should be able to get the hero of the month and the heroes the do not already have. The outcome would only be more money for the creater and team. It is a WIN WIN for both.

Wish we could load heros academy with more then 1 5* at a time. Frustrated every 7 days I keep getting the same season 1 5* and having to wait week after week while I’m sitting on at least 15 5*s take up space on my hero slots.


They really have to do something about the 4* ascension materials.

I would add the ability to test your own raid defense team.

Honorable mention: have 3* specials level faster to solve the issue of having a fully ascended hero with less than level 8 on their special


I love your last idea (leveling heroes when they’re used)

I couldn’t limit it to just one, so I put my top wants first.

Stop players from using the rotation method for better pairings in war. (6 alliances. One player stays to lose 25 wars, then players return for 5 wars to get chest with easy wins) Maybe use a loyalty system for consecutive war chests?

A new 3000+ tier above diamond. (Push top players higher for a better pairing system)

Add the ability to purchase resource chests using resources. Example: spend 1M food to get choice of chests: 500k food, 250k iron, 100 recruits. (Instead of just losing those resources).

Hourly flags for allied raids with a countdown. (More daily allied raids!)

Daily puzzles to solve. Have set boards (each time the same tiles fall) with competitions. Use world energy on them for minor resources (similar to 8-7). (Make the daily grind a bit more interesting and allow for some interesting online content)

Fantasy battles. Pick a top raid each day that was a close fight between top cup holders. All players get to use allied raid flags to try to improve on the fight. Same boards that were used on the original fight. (A fun way to give players a taste of the top game and gives them a way to learn top strategies)

Sorry this was so long! I’m new to the forum and these ideas have been swimming around a long time!

Welcome to the forum. Always good to see new people on here and posting ideas.


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