If you could change 1 thing in the game, what would it be? And why/how?

I dont think it needs much more explanation than that


Reward long term loyalty rather then spit it in the face, i guess.


Bump up the odds for a bonus draw or add a minuscule chance to draw the HOTM from TC20.


My vote would be to Fix Atomos

Disclaimer: I have him and he’s brought me too many epic fails :joy:


Allow trading like for like ascension materials. For example, trade a compass for fine gloves, or 4 hidden blades for a compass.


Increase gems earned in the game. As it is now there is not really an in-game currency since you earn so few gems in the game.


How would you reward longterm loyalty?

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Tc20 hotm chance i 100% agree with and surprised it’s not there already…


@CorpseTiller would this be your 1 change?

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If they capped it at 3* mats, would you still like the change?

Gems could definitely be increased

There wasn’t as many ways to spend gems when the game originally rolled out

And now they’ve tipped the scales to give players 1k ways to spend gems but without substantially increasing ways to earn them.

Think even x amount of gems in event tiers and rare quests would be a small addition but helpful

  • longterm missions (with decent rewards)
  • special offers based on how long you are in the game
  • special events reserved for olders (or scaling rewards based on that)

And so on…


Perhaps a Season 3 would make things interesting


Hmmm, 1 thing… I would change the most annoying thing for me. The one related to withdrawal from TC’s. I wish we can get the food back even if the recruits limit is exceeded. I have thousands and thousands of recruits and TC11 has no use for me at this point, to put them there altogether. So yeah, this is what I would change. And let’s be honest now… Who is in need of recruits since Atlantis Rising? And advanced house. And so many quests, common and uncommon… Not even the new players. They need a solide base first.


Do you run a tc20?

20 characters

Titan chest.
If a chest takes at minimum 5 days to fill, there should be better loot (guaranteed non -farmable, 95% 3* 5% 4* chance? Or guaranteed EHT/ETT etc).

My last 10+ titan chests have been not much better than farming 8-7 (low food, low iron and a grey token).


I agree with that

I’d also like ham and iron to be added to elemental chests due to all the new buildings. Plus i just had a red elemental chest and got nothing useful, and typically if that happens in any other chest i can be thankful for the ham and iron but not in this case.

3 at the same time. One elemental. Sometimes I’d like to withdraw millions of food, when I’m in need badly. But where to put the recruits, since I don’t run a TC11? So we are forced to run one at the moment, if we wanna withdraw more food from TC20. And this is 1 thing I would change :slight_smile:

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Change the emblems system to allow players empower heroes as much as they like within a cetain stats’ level cap in a point buy system capped at 900 team power.
Point buy could also allow to empower a special skill with an increased cost over stats.

-general empowerments-
For example if I wanted my Richard to gain a -Defense effect I should pour X emblems into his specials to buy a -34% defense effect and this would make him gain something like 100 points…
(Available for every hero)

-hero’s personal empowerments-
…or make an Obakan’s counterattack being undispellable, again for 100 points.
(Available just for few heroes).

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Create some new TCs that build on the TC20 Legendary:
TC21 - small change of Atlantis 4*
TC23 - small chance of Atlantis 5*
TC25 - small chance of previous HOTMs


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