If you could change 1 thing in the game, what would it be? And why/how?

To have the costume included for any non-season 1 hero in all portals they are in. It’s ridiculous that the Covenant and Super Elemental portals charge more and don’t include costumes. Black Friday and Solstice portals should include them also.

Also have a Costume Tome which will allow you to add a costume to a hero without needed to pull the hero again.


I would like better defined and regular additions to Hero Academy, and even the training camps. not sure how exactly, but after a certain amount of time older heroes e.g. S2s will finally be made available in those venues.

after all, with the continued fast pace of hero releases… why not make some of the older heroes easier to get?


I’d really like to see raid scoring looked at. I hate it that I see a win as a loss, and a loss as a win. The ranking/pairing system is too volatile. Losses are necessary or you quickly get outmatched. Wins put you into a new tier of defenses far too quickly. I’d cut trophy gains/losses by a factor of 10.

one of the changes i΄d like to see taking
place would be better loot from all aspects of the game.Needs in ham,iron,ascension mats,etc have grown and loot rewards have remained more or less the same for the past 2,5 + years i have been playing.


I’d change it so you would get credit for defeating heroes who got resurrected. If a resurrecting hero brings back 2, 3, 4 allies over the course of a match, you shouldn’t be penalized beyond the additional difficulty of the match itself. That’s already difficult enough as it is, and taking those kills away adds insult to injury.

My personal worst was a match in which a resurrector brought back a couple of her allies, but I persevered, and got to where she stood alone with only a few HP left. On her next turn, she brought back her entire team, all of whom had died with their specials fully charged, and they wiped me off the board .

Trading among the players. Players can free up spaces and give those items to those who need them more. It’s a win-win imo. Each trade costs x amount of gems etc etc

Lengthen Atlantis or make the other seasons give rewards like Atlantis does.


I would change the elemental portals. I would start adding in new season heroes. Like right now throw in Season 2 heroes. And slowly incorporate them. Not like elemental super portals but a better opportunity to get more heroes.

I’d change the name.

Empires & Luck

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The LB2 has ruin the game, especially anything PvP. Raids are awful, weekly tournaments following suit, wars to be next, and just when they improved W3K and gave u a chance on flags 9-12, now with the LB2, good luck w/ flags 4-12.

Unfortunately the horse is out of the barn though and has already jumped off the cliff


remove Nerfing and return all heroes back to how they were released.

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Only one thing??
Ok, if you allready have the hero… the costume should be easier to get. Especially the costumes that are worse than the original and only really is a balancing buff.


At this Point?

Probably the devs…

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Great necromancer skills @FraVit93 . It’s funny rereading some of the early posts from this thread, although not many were remedied, this one was.

Thanks for the Alchemy Lab :trophy:

Sound familiar… ?

New heros… Constant nerfs… now a “Balance Update”. @rigs called it early :thinking:.

Back on topic …
An easier fix, the balance update is not a quick fix, so also mentioned a few years ago to address the titan loot cooldown.


thanks for the walk down memory lane @Sarah2 :slight_smile:

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There is only one thing that can save this game now: buff defense and health of all heroes.

There are way too many new heroes that enable countless combinations.

There has been a disproportionate buff of attack stats and offensive skills compared to defense and health.

As a result, defense and offense teams can easily wipe out each other within one turn.

So the game has turned now into a race to which team charges and fires first because practically, that team will win. Most raids nowadays last 10 turns or less.

This makes the game boring as it all depends on the boards, not your skills.

And because of the wide selection of heroes, there’s no skill required to build a strong team anymore. It’s practically useless to worry about synergy because very little of it is needed.

That’s why I believe the only solution to this mess is to double, or better yet, triple the defense and health stats of all heroes. Turn them into boss level heroes with 3,000+ defense and 5,000+ HP. Make it so you need to fire all your heroes several times to defeat the opposing team, therefore make it so you need 30 turns to win, even with a good board, and not 3 as it’s possible nowadays. Make it so you can start planning again for survival and a long drawn battle.

The acquisition of SG by Zynga…

Ingame I would like to see better rewards for challenge events. Like 1 pull for each completed difficulty. With terrible odds like these 3 pulls instead of 1,5 like it is now hardly is going to hurt.


Obviously, the rate of 5* releases is egregious, but my asks are reasonable ones.

Like TC20, I wish HA10 allowed stackable retrains.

I literally cannot see my current retrain due to not having anymore roster space, and I had hoped SE would have happened already to make the space concern a non issue.

Thats all I really want tbh

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Great word.

20 Thesaurus’

Id also change this…

When an Underwild Bat finally appears, after much burnt WE, I expect to get some Underwild coins.

The bats are rare, the coins they drop are low, when you finally get 100, the chance of getting anything good with them is seriously diluted. Its an rng clusterfeck.

Why give us tiny food parcels? Hardly worth breaking my farming habits for this.