If you could change 1 thing in the game, what would it be? And why/how?

Great idea which we all yearn for but the number of threads like this below would increase by 10000




All the control freak leaders would go BALLISTIC


Easy fix just make the summary or playback only available to the player not the whole alliance.

Better rewards for diamond players. Maybe there should be something higher than diamond.

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I agree it would make a lot of people worse but I think for those good Alliances, people could point out to help others learn. Especially if they still wasn’t sure what they did so bad. Personally I’d love people to be able to see me and point out my screw ups. Just… in a calm and polite and teaching way lol.

I know I’m dreaming but how about a set reward for so many consecutive days logged in? Like 15 consecutive days, 5 gems, 30 consecutive days, 10 gems, 45 days, 15 gems, 60 days 20 gems and add 5 more gems for every 15 consecutive days you log in. Not much for starters, but I’ve logged in every day for the last 1.5 years and I bet there are many others who did the same and better. At this point, I would receive the equivalent of about three hero summons a month, not very much, but still more than what I get now for my loyalty…


add a “5-6 Rises” or “8-7 Rises” on the 3rd Thursday of every month, like Atlantis :grin:

yea double edged sword but i wouldn’t be intimidated if a leader over did it i leave all things in moderation

If I could change one thing, it would be a more in-depth raid system that took advantage of the pros of the tourney system and increasing the strategic elements of the game with more variability.

My dream would be to click the raid button and you have 4 chests/rewards that you could potentially fill. A 5* and below raid chest, a 4* and below raid chest, a 3* and below raid chest, and a weekly mystery competition that could be like rush, no heal, attack buff, or even more creative modes yet to join the game.

  • This would allow people to use all their raid flags, since mine usually just sits there until my chest unlocks again

  • This could create a huge competitive meta game where people can consistently work on making their best 3* and 4* teams. Nowadays, I only really use Proteus, Wilbur, and Hansel - I would love more variability in using other rare and epic heroes that’s not dependent on monthly events with specific color shields.

  • It gets boring using the same team over and over again as your defense in raids. I only have 6 fully leveled 5* heroes so it’s not like I can change it up often. I color stack and use specific teams on offense, but my defense never changes.

  • sometimes ya just don’t want to deal with the same ole 5* heroes. I used to play Pokémon competitively online and my favorite tier was Little Cup because it’s sooooo much more fun to find a competitive strategy among the baby Pokemon - it brings new life to the game.

  • It’s hard to test and try new defense teams without sacrificing losing like 400 cups and falling into a lower reward bracket. I’d love to just try out various teams in a 4* tourney and not sacrifice a big cup drop

  • definitely FTP and PTW friendly.

It would be nice if when you are attacked, and regardless of win or lose, if you have a Raid Chest in the works, it counts towards it… If so, you could also increase the number of heroes needed to be defeated to fill this. It’s nice to come on and see that someone attacked me 3 times and lost all, or lost the first 2… it would be even nicer if those possible 15 kills my defense team caused, added to the raid chest

I would love this!!!
A lot of us are acquiring a ton of maxed heroes, most emblemed now. Would love a way to use them more often. Would love to start seeing a 6th hero in battle. It would give the game a new fun and certainly be a bit more interesting.

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Duplicates would turn into currency In which u could use to purchase ascension items , energy flasks, and tokens of ones choice( Valhalla, Atlantis, challenge events of choice.)


One small irritant, easily fixed … drop the titan requirement in the daily pov. It’s a pain having to wait several hours if the timing isn’t right.

The ability to report people in the chat rooms. (Remove the feature and make it so that when you block someone they cannot see you)

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The one thing I would change is HA and have it actually address the duplicates situation it was supposed to address


Do something about farming to speed it up.

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Some sort of mercy timer on summons similar to the way that elemental chests will eventually come up. That way no one can get totally screwed and not get a five every now and then. After 15 months of intense C2P grinding, I have one green five and one yellow five. That sucks and makes me ready to quit.


Make trading duplicate 5* heroes for ascension mats available. Real ascension mats. Not the fine gloves and watches lol


The bank account to which all the money goes, I would change to my account


Huge balance update on most older heroes + fix hero academy.


I’d say make hero academy retrain 5 star heroes an opportunity to pick from 3 heroes, like a gold goblin chest


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