I need help setting up a 4* defense team for war!

I am going to war. My problem is most of my heros are blue and red. Need help picking the best team currently I have for this weeks buff war-
Colon-Jott-Mack-Cyprin-Zila Lei

What are you thoughts and I will attach a photo of the rest of my 4*? Please let me know if I should switch anyone around?

Here’s my hero roster: let me know if I should switch out anyone from here instead?

I would avoid using both Mack and Cyprian together, unless they are both flanks. They will over-write each other’s counterattack buff which is kinda pointless.

Would also be good to try getting a healer in there also?

So perhaps:
Stonecleave - Kiril - Mack - Jott - Bane (+3)


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