I haven't mushroom...which of these is a fun guy? NEW POLL POST #30

Firstly - the mushroom pun is irrelevant.

Secondly, here’s my queue. None of these is going to make my titan team or probably even war but they are all a bit interesting.

Who gets first dibs on my feeders?

    • Bee Yourself
    • Stone Cold Cleave Austin
    • Lagatha ©
    • The Devil Wears Katana

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And after this lot… Obakan. Oh yes

Costumed Sonya ftw



I really want the sonya costume, her cure all is very helpful in 4* tournaments and in blue stacks against red teams- which tend to have dot damage.

Kvasir is awesome though, pair him with costumed brienne and it is beautiful.

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I have got her too… I’m excited

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Wasn’t sure which option that was in the poll and I’m too lazy to google anything.

Edit: @voidstrike I don’t usually have to worry about meeting the 20 character min… just use bigger words. Like alphabetically. Or onomatopoeia…


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Here’s the village idiot translation:

Lagatha - Costumed Sonya
Bee Yourself - Kvasir
Stone Cold Cleave Austin - Stonecleave
The Devil wears Katana - Sumitomo


Well I recommend you binge watch Vikings if you end up at home a lot in the next few weeks :grin:


Will add it to my ever growing list.

Wait. Is this the no-pants village idiot translation?? Or are you insinuating that I’m… nah… you wouldn’t… would you?


I usually have to worry about hitting the maximum character limit with my overdrawn anecdotes trying to elicit illicit laughs from the public…

…which is why my occasional brevity being hit with 20 character limit (****** me off) causes me intolerable consternation.

No pants is an understood…like how you breathe without thinking…similarly a Voidstrike is pantless. (Putting on pants is like when you challenge your friends to see who can hold their breath the longest).

Mod edit - I’ve taken @Math4lyfe’s advice on your behalf and modified some vocabulary :innocent:

Idiot Edit: @Gorann I’ve accepted the shame of my terminology failure and integrated into my sentence about eliciting illicit laughs. I have no pants…clearly I am not family friendly.



Y’all are going to make the next few weeks much more bearable. Thank you.

And @JonahTheBard… sorry for taking your thread off topic… seems like that’s what I do best. :woman_shrugging: Off topic offender… aka Math4lyfe.


Costume Sonja is great, but the beekeeper is just plain fun. I’m working on a second copy of him right now


Good to know. I need another 3* project as I’m working on emblems and troops.

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I call him “death by 1000 paper cuts”

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Be careful, we may make the next few weeks bearable but this bear is able to do 235% damage to his/her target…

Thank you this unbearably bad dialogue is sponsored by Dockers. The pantless ones pants of choice to not wear

Edit: On topic the suggested hero of costumed Sonya would be good at killing aforementioned bear

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Ahem. A pedant writes: I think you meant elicit. At least I hope you did. No illegal amusements here please, this is a family forum.


Aaannnddd I got a nick name. :woman_facepalming: :rofl:

I’m posting this statement here to keep true to my name.


Bardic Post of the Day :medal_sports:


Squeee, my first! If only the real Vivica would grace my roster with her presence…

Anyway, on topic, I made the mistake of listening to the naysayers concerning the bee man, ate his duplicates and got stuck into levelling Mist instead of him. As a result my team suffered in the recent Bloody Battle. Won’t make that mistake again, and recommend you don’t either. After him, Sonya’s cossie. Can’t have too many cleansers - or any, sometimes. Not to mention that even if she doesn’t wear it she can do with the extra stats. The others - meh, niche.


I need to dig into this…but I feel a trend in recent bardic posts of the day that occur in threads I post in…

Seriously on topic:
Do you level heroes by color, by star level or one project at a time @JonahTheBard ?

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