Hunters lodge or alchemy lab?

Lately, I’ve been indecisive regarding where to use my iron. Should I be upgrading my hunters lodge or the alchemy lab?

between the two, i would say start with the Alchemy Lab, and don’t stop until you max it to level 10.

at level 10, you’ll get the maximum benefit from using the Alchemy Lab, including having all levels unlocked to potentially research and being able to do three transmutations at one time (or two transmutations and one research). depending on your inventory and what you decide to do in the game, you can even use those alkashard combines from using the Alchemy Lab to select Hunter’s Lodge weapons!


20 times this ^^

Alchemy lab is genuinely very good. It’s a Swiss Army knife to allow you to fill gaps in items/ingredients or just make shards for the emblems or 4* mats.

It’s costs you nothing to run 3 things at a time. This game doesn’t give you a lot for free. Alchemy lab gives you stuff for free.