Hunters and Collectors is Recruiting

Gidday folks White Drow here from HUNTERS AND COLLECTORS

Looking for 12 active folks to join our fun crew, and stay around to battle together.

Good supportive team for Low to high levels. With various timeline coverage and lots of Aussies and other folks. So welcome any who can speak English.

Currently hitting 8-9*Titans and active war participation.

Various level participation through providences, so heaps of support there too.


  • Active and want to stay, not just for the fun chats.
  • 1000 trophies minimum
  • Active in Titans, optional in war but would really like participation in war
  • simply drop us a line if going to be absent

Come over and check us out and have a bit of fun while playing this Bewt game. We lead together to play and have fun together! 12 open spots.

If you have a small alliance (up to 12) who would like to discuss merging into Hunters and Collectors please message me.

Line: jeff.lavelle
Discord: Mezlord #0050

We have a nice server set up on Discord.

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