How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis


As many as it takes, it could be 1 pull or 1000 pulls or somewhere in between and that is a fact


I remember last year when Zeline came around I was so desperate for a green 5 with a debuff I did 25 10 pulls (you do the math…) and didn’t get her. I was pull my own hair out mad over that one. After that I promised I would never chase another hero again, they would either fall to me with what I had or could spare, or I’d just go without. Most Hotm’s using that method I haven’t gotten, but I’m okay with that. I think the things that need to be kept in mind before really getting into this game is 1) remember, it’s just a game. A game is something you should have fun with, and if you’re not having fun well there are literally thousands of other games out there, surely some will offer the fun you are looking for. 2) This is a long haul game. Sure you might get that shiny new hero, but it still might be months before you can fully ascend them and by that time you might not even want to because you may have gotten someone even better. 3) Don’t go nuts. SG would gladly take all your money if you let them, and while they’re driving around in their Ferrari’s, you’ll have a handful of digital characters in a game you might not even want to play a year from now.


I love that you posted this. I got caught up in GoW for a couple years, ended up spending over a thousand dollars in the blink of an eye, and lost a lot of precious time with my kids. This game is a lot like GoW so people should be aware that it can get addictive, really as any game can, but it is a lot like gambling. Having said that, if you’re aware of it I think you can have fun and be competitive, just like any game.


Don’t spend anything best way


I think spending is up to individual as to how well he likes the game and his/her economic situation. I spend a few bucks a week if they have a good sale on something, kinda like shopping at Amazon, a good deal…might buy some. That’s just my opinion.