How much should I spend?- HotM cost, and odds, analysis


The odds on this game can get down right goofy. I once pulled Guardian Owl and another 5* back to back (Joon if I recall). Earlier that day I had pulled another 5* and several nice 4*. I think I’d spent $50 that day on gems. What’s great is I wanted that Owl so bad I could taste it when I hit the 10x pull button… I couldn’t believe it when it popped up!

Edit: no no, that wasn’t it. I did a few 10 pulls and hadn’t gotten what I was looking for, one was a 5*. I decided I was going to do three singles if I recall as I had other stuff I wanted to do with my remaining gems. (No telling what I’d spent over the last week and gotten ziltch). Anyway I did the three pulls and got Guardian Owl then Joon back to back. The last pull was some 4*. It was awesome!.. Sorry, gets a little murky at times…

Okay my brains fried. I Remember what I pulled earlier in that group it was hotm Zimkitha or was it??? Lmfao! Anyway, I’ve pulled some stuff that the odds were Definetely NOT in favor for and I probably should of been afraid of getting struck by lightning. I’ve not been disappointed by this game in regards to the hero’s acquired. If only I could get Kageburado I’d be done with paid summons all together, maybe.


I have spent around 350$ I got Joon, Delilah, Lyanna and Onatel 8+ times… And yeah 3 Holy 5S do fck me… But with Lyanna I’m happy.

As for 4S, several times BT, Wilbur, Proteus, Tiburtus, Kiril, Wukong, Melendor I’d say most of them…


Amen to that, those .99 cent for 200 gems deals pop up you better snag those up. Or the $1.99 for 400. All day long if I could.


I say spend what ya want, when ya want. Your money, you made it. Do as ya please


I have spent 342 dollars over 10 months with a careful budgeting plan that me and my alliance mates made for all so that we could pitch in together and make sure to have monthly events so ftp players have chances to win google/iTunes cards to do with as they wish.

my roster was so so until Christmas time when i bulked up off those specials. timed my rolls and wow, I now have a decent roster to work with and have not event spent close to my budget since Christmas nor do I see any reason to anytime soon.


I have spent 7000 euro… :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::euro::euro:


cough cough* What??? What are you doing for living?


That’s just short of 8 grand here in the US…I’m gonna assume you really like this game or have been playing since its inception, then it’s not so bad…I’m usually spending 100-200 per month


I’m sound engineer


Ok. Congratz, then! I definitely don’t have 7000 EUR to spend on a game :joy:


My hobby gaming… so

Thanks small giant team


Maan that’s too much haha but hurrah for Engineers, my hobby hobby is photography and it’s a very expensive hobby which is why when I think on spending so much on a game I think that I can buy a new lens with that money.

I spent around 350-400$ in 2 weeks as new player of E&P but I don’t think it’s the way (cuz of the results) I would keep going like 30 per month maybe.

But it’s definitely up to the payers budget, wheni started working I was making 600-1200$/month and I would have never spent on a game that much but now I’m freelancing field engineer and I charge 65-85$/hour. So whenever I feel bad about spending on games I work overtime haha and since I’m in Controls nobody understand what I do.

Of course my wife doesn’t know I’ve spent that much on a mobile game. :grin:


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Respectfully Dante, we don’t really know who is playing this game. In 1972 Into to Cal was the most advanced class you could take. Prior to that it was basic algebra. If they are willing to try to follow you and learn, take it as a complement. I was in all advanced mathematics classes during my time. My son is a mathematics major and know a senior. Upper level theoretical math gives me a headache, so even if you can’t see the praise, respect your elders! :sunglasses:.


Thank you Thank you Thank you :clap:. Last time I was here I did not read the replies. I have now read several and I am disappointed in several. I have been bragging about the players of this game to every one I know and that is a stadium full. This string is not what I would have ever expected. But, that’s on me. It is obviously time for me to get more involved. I have been waiting for a full and comprehensive understanding of the whole game but in maybe better for me to begin earlier then scheduled.


most people are willing to learn, that’s why i still bother with what’s becoming a vitriolic bs forum. however there was a bunch of folks, who even when presented with the logic and math behind the simple concept that the more tries you get, the better your cumulative odds are, still declared “i don’t believe you, you are wrong” without any coherent reasoning. Stupidity and ignorance are not to be respected, regardless of age. if someone is really trying, they deserved to be helped. But that was not these people.


Most people ask and they already have their answer ready (not willing to learn or listen) so unless you tell them they are right, they will keep saying NO to any answer that they dislike.


How many pull x10 for one HOTM


Somewhere between one and infinity

For each pull, you have 1.3% chance of getting the HOTM as a bonus. That equates to on average one every 77 pulls. However you could just as easily get it with luck in your first 10 pull, or be waiting over 200 pulls.

It is, unfortunately, just luck, or lack thereof, that determines whether you get the HOTM

PS this does not apply to the daily summon, or the troop summon portals. You can’t get the HOTM there


@francismarin66 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

As @Infinite pointed out, there’s no amount of Summons that will guarantee a HOTM.

For more information on how the Summoning odds play out, I recommend you read the whole of the post at the top of this thread.