High Diamond Def Question

I’ve been living in 2550-2700 land for a while now and I’m curious what youd do in my roster situation. No arrangement seems to perform better than any other. They all hold 2550 to 2650 overnight. Let’s assume they are all emblem 6-8 as I can move them as needed.

Alasie Kage Guin Ursena GM

Bench: Zim, Mitsy, Khiona, Evelyn, Morgan, Joon, Ranvir, Frida.

I appreciate your opinions…thanks folks!

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I would go with Mitsuko instead GM. It will help, rest are strong as they are…there is no defense to stay above 2700 cups only by one time pass and then you get attacked as we all.

To keep up, you would need constant raiding, and that cost gems :wink:

P.S. Maybe Evelyn instead Ursena to get rainbow 5* defense.

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Honestly if you’re above 2550 cups then I don’t think there’s much to worry about, since you’re already in the best tier to open the raid chest.

You could experiment with other defense team setups, or you could swap out heroes for others. Morgan’s really annoying to fight if she’s on the wing, for e.g., you could try to swap her for either Alasie or GM.

It’s not like you’re swapping in Elkanen for Guinevere or like you’re stacking 5 of the same color on your defense team… as long as it’s not a drastic change like that I don’t see how your D-team could go below 2500 cups.


if you haven’t tried Zim on the left wing, you might try that, A lot of offense team use ailments FTW.

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This is exactly how I’ve been feeling the last few months. I’ve tried like 20 different setups over the past few weeks with largely the same results. I just figured I’d see what the masses said :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been able to get to USA #1 and Global #2 a few times. My highest cup rating is 3012. I’m saving some raid flasks for a push at Global #1 next time it’s within range. There are times where it’s only 3000 cups.


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Yep, I do that arrangement often. It just feels wrong leaving GM on the bench though. I’ve had a lot of success with Zim Kage Guin Ursena GM

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With your heroes I would definitely try the following arrangements

Guin tank

Ursena tank

Lots of intriguing options. You have a lot of very strong defense characters.

Zimkitha-Fast speed AOE, cleanse and attack buff (and heal for red). She does so many different useful things. Hard not to include her

GM-one of the best defense characters in the game. He very quickly melts through multiple targets at very fast speed.

Alasie-one of the best defensive snipers. Good stats, hits hard and the mana generation debuff is very useful

Morgan Le Fay-I think she’s great on defense as the undispellable life steal is extremely strong.

Guin-one of the top tanks

Ursena-I like her best at tank. She could be a decent flank but I think you have better options. At tank she can combo with Ranvir’s buff and do some crazy damage

Kage-speed is king and very fast rules them all. Solid sniper.

I think I prefer the first setup I mentioned. You get the nice elemental link synergy with Zimkitty and GM. You get nice tank/Flank color synergy with the yellow tank/purple flank (Kage). Take your pick of Alasie/MLF for the last spot, both are fantastic

There isn’t any defense being able to hold more than an average of 2600 cups.

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That’s the Truth, Truth!

Whatever combination that keeps you above 2550 is alright.

The moment you go above 2700 you will go back down to around 2500.
If you maintain somewhere around 2650, you will most likely stay around 2600.

All combination of good or even super heroes will keep you solidly around 2600. Rarely anyone is able to keep above 2700 overnight.

It was 2950 a couple days ago but I couldn’t be arsed to buy the flasks to make a run. Been there/done that. If you got a signifier or avatar or anything I’d do it, but as it is, staying in diamond is fine.

I would say:

Zim Ranvir Ursena GM Alasie

Ursena is one of the best tanks, Guin has a Seshat problem. Ursena is a real threat!
Try this a few days. I am sure it will be some cups better than Guin tank.
But as already mentioned all above 2700 cups will be mowed down. The goal is to stay near 2650 cups.

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What does that mean? Anything short of a reset token would be wasting 20+ emblems for resetting a 5*+8, not to even mention the significant amounts of ham and iron needed to relocate them. Moving emblems around is a bit much for defense testing purposes…

Ian - It meant let’s assume equal emblems for our discussion. I’m not moving them at a whine that’s a huge waste

I made a run and ended up getting there the other day! Booyea! It feels good to be able to check this off my EP bucket list…it was a fun chase. I saw #1 sub 3k and went for it.


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