Heroes in Need of Buff(UPDATED /w Voting)

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Can you also add a link in 1st Post for this Buff & Nerf History, as an additional info.

Buff & Nerf History - (See Post #2)
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I encourage more counter arguments against buffs and nerfs! I believe one should at least perform a stress test on the subject hero before declaring them useless

tbh, I don’t fully agree with all listed here but someone’s gotta do it for the devs

@jinbatsu That link was gold. Pat on the back to the devs for actually working :wink:


One thing I would like to see SGG implement is phasing in buffs and nerfs to existing heroes during beta before events roll out. For example, before Teltoc rolls out maybe we can see buffs and/or nerfs to existing heroes like Guardian Kong. This way instead of having one large patch of nerfs and buffs, SGG and testers have a way to phase in the process.

I think it would largely be beneficial than having testers and SGG do this all at once so certain heroes get the individualized attention they need.

Thoughts on this? I don’t just expect it for events, but it would be a nice starting place, and then moving to Seasonal Events, Atlantis, and so forth.

It would be awesome if SGG can showcase fixes. My guess is phasing in each buff/nerf for every “imbalanced” hero before specific events sounds like too much work for a small dev team

Supporting old heroes is probably a pain for them and low on their priority list.

Here are my suggestions to SGG for improvement and keeping the community happy:

  • Community prioritizes which hero needs fixing with a shortlist (e.g. maybe with up and down votes);
  • Community comes up with focused balancing fixes to shortlist of heroes;
  • Once a year hero balancing patch for common issues;
  • Twice a year or quarterly for high priority balancing fixes;
  • Delegate rebalancing to a junior dev or intern … :grinning:
  • Keep whales happy with new toys so SGG can pay the bills, but only at a pace where old dusty heroes gets signs of life

I think people just get sick of starring at Atomos’ annoying face in their roster for over a year … haha

Maybe it’s time to pass the torch to the next generation of the “butt of all jokes” heroes.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized SGG is owned by Zynga and not some small team. As such, they should at least post and stick to a general balancing schedule and stay on top of community feedback

What nerfs guys, no one hero need nerf but have too much for buffs like Neith, Atomos, Margaret and so on. If we dont have heroes like this we will not ask for nerfs

To be honest, it’s debatable whether there’d be enough time and attention on these existing hero’s in beta to get reliable data…

And many hero’s just don’t need adjustment.
Community gets it wrong. A lot.

Guardian Kong is a case in point - he’s a really good hero with an inexplicably poor reputation… Better than Azlar in almost every sense, yet you see calls to buff Kong and you don’t see calls to buff Azlar.

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Community gets it wrong. A lot.
This thread contains plenty of evidence of it.

There are tactics to use most hero’s very effectively… Even Atomos.
(eg: on attack, fire a silencer, eg Miki, fill enemy mana bar over 3 turns, then fire Atomos for much higher damage… Fire as he’s near death to win resurrection, etc).

Some hero’s are fussy and take a little manipulation to play at their best, some take a bit of care in team building… But they’re all built with a purpose in mind and some are useless on defence.


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Just give me one reason why should i use Atomos and risk my entire match by trying to fill the enemy mana when i can simply use quintus who always deals the 270% and has better attack stat. Atomos sucks, no matter what. Why would i build an entire team around him trying to make him hit like a regular S1 AoE when i can simply quit trying, and use a regular S1 AoE instead? The problem with Atomos is that he is a S2 hero and weaker than an S1 one. His dmg output is very low, he is slow and has no team utility. Tyr also has that revive and he is fast. Atomos is good in nothing. Literally nothing.


Margaret needs a counter attack on dodge. I think it should also be inversely tied to how her dodge % goes up upon damage. Meaning a sniper attack that has a high dodge rate (I don’t know what it actually is but I’ll guess 80%) would have a lower counter attack (maybe 50% maybe lower) and a low dodge % aoe attack would have a higher counter (100%). It would be a risk reward type of system since just a dodge doesn’t seem to be working for large marge. I guess leave the mana gen in as well. I hardly notice it.

These numbers might be too high but could be adjusted on testing.

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I find it funny that her ult is called “Hide in the Shadows”. Now, she’s in everyone’s shadow :sweat_smile:

Counterattack sounds interesting.

If SGG was going to make her a high-damage tile hitter titan specialist, it would be nice if her elemental defense buff was against blue (not red) and ideally give everyone the dodge buff.

People only find her useful versus titans:

Just want to know if some developer of game can see this post and make an impact to the game because almost all those heroes surely need to be reviewed.

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Not sure if devs read these forums but it was announced rebalancing is planned for the future:

LOL, speaking of Japanese, i call him oba-kun…

Please add Noor to the list

Can we update this again post all the balance changes? These heroes still need to be balanced in my opinion (not including S1 in this list since SG seems to “buff” those by adding costumes):

Boss Wolf- not devastating enough to be very slow-add some direct damage or something
G. Owl-same complaint, nothing about his special justifies very slow!! Either make him average speed like bat who is a well balanced hero or increase his damage A LOT, it should be near impossible to recover from these very slow going off if they’re staying that speed! Like alfrike
G. Chameleon - make him a healer and he’d actually be desired - why does tarlak buff and heal but this guy only buff and change colors :laughing:
Noor- just giving beefy minions doesn’t justify her being slow, would be balanced at average speed
Inari-she deserves to do some damage, like the new Margaret
Shale - doesn’t do enough, special not really useful until 3rd charge, probably the only ninja I really don’t want
Boomer - pitiful damage, probably least desired 4*…and he’s an event hero!
Gadeirus-please explain to me why this guy that does tiny damage and only heals nearby is slow…at least he should be average speed.
Vlad- gives a tiny scratch that even 3s can easily brush off, also so wasted on 3 to be very fast since you can’t use mana troops in 3* events and tourneys

For me, Zhuge Liang is the weakest War of Three Kingdoms hero

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If I was a p2p player I’d feel pretty hacked off with all the talk of buffing. It just normalises everything that might be special in their recent purchases.
Meanwhile: :popcorn: .

Don’t forget.

I’m going to add Grazul to the list. She need to do more in this meta, at least extend to three turns.

Searched and sure enough, already a post about her.
I am miffed that she is the only Christmas hero that doesn’t benefit from the family bonus, affecting minons, as she doesn’t summon any…
Even the new Gnomes have elf minions…