Hero Stats Appendix - Full Stats List + Side by Side Hero comparison tool (stats, specials, families, class, etc...) + WITH NEW VALHALLA HEROES

Updated with brand new feature allowing anyone to compare any 5* hero at 3-70 to other heroes!

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Updated with new Guardians heroes and Guardian family

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Updated with new Feb 2020 HOTM Jean Francois. Still need his stats at 3-70 if anyone has them

When you calculated the average stats for each star level did you include costume heroes as well? As an example when you did the average for 4 star heroes did Boldtusk count as 1 hero in the averages or as 1 normal and 1 with costume?

costumes were factored in as well. the devs said they wanted each costume to essentially be a new hero so I treated them as a new hero.

Added season 3 heroes! All families, classes, etc updated!


Updated with Norns and Telluria


Updated with April HOTM and new Springvale heroes

Hello @funkymoneky!
I’m just coming back from a hiatus from the forum and found these lovely spreadsheets. I was hoping you could make a note in your original post that @madmarv and @D.D are also part of the team for the document you referenced for the partial ascension of heroes. They’ve been amazing ever since they volunteered, and have in fact taken over maintaining it. (thanks again MadMarv and D.D!

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I too am coming back from a hiatus from the forums lol. I added them as requested! Thanks @madmarv and @D.D!

Happy to say that I’m back from my hiatus. Sorry, Covid pretty much made everything crazy busy for me. The hero appendix is now fully updated with new balance changes, costumes, and up to date on all heroes up to September 2020. I will continue to update as new changes are made.

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Thanks for the stats, hope your covid situation calms down, although winter is coming, and every cold becomes a massive is it or isn’t it debate. Appreciate all your efforts tho.

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