Hero Star Restricted Alliance Wars (Rare / Epic... Like Tournaments)

While I have a 4* Epic defense team, I also have 30 fully-ascended 3* Rare Heroes who enjoy a good battle.

I was wondering, how many other players would be interested in joining an alliance that fights 3* Alliance Wars twice a week?

I believe that there’s enough 3-star armies out there with players who would enjoy fighting Alliance Wars.

Could be an interesting setting to rotate. I would like to have 3* wars, but not always.

5 stacking bane or valen is big fun.

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Didn’t you post this already somewhere else?

Long time ago, I created a fully-levelled, 30 hero, 3* army, which is now roadkill on battlefields with 4* & 5* defence teams. This Rare 3 * army of mine is now obsolete.

It wasn’t always that way. I would like to see SG create two tiered Alliance Wars like they do for special events (rare & advanced).

I wonder how many other players have a rare Army mothballed (or fed them to hungry 4* & 5* heroes).

I have already suggested this about a month ago and got no response.

I only makes sense to create something uses these rare heros otherwise they are only good a few times a year in special events.

They become as waste of time and money in the end.

Create RARE AW’s and RARE raids.

That would at least make these worthwhile keeping


Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many other people would be interested in 3* war games.

I use them sparingly on raids, but it’s just not the same :disappointed_relieved:

Don’t forget to vote!

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100% agree. With a much higher frequency of 5* heroes on teams (and growing), many people who spent months building their 3* teams are now worthless. For most, a 3* hero is nothing more than food for a 5* leveling hero. And, you’re right, the only time we get to really use our 3* are in those rare special events - not worth it.


special events i.e. Challenge Events - are every month…

And I don’t know - once people have started building their 4* and 5* rosters - I don’t really see them starting to level that many 3*. Maybe a couple to colour stack in the Challenges, but I don’t see myself buying hero slots to fill with 3*

And 1 or 2 a month isn’t a few compared to weekly or daily if there where rare raids.

You might one that used your 3* to feed bigger heros, I for one still have all my fully leveled 3* from when I first started and pretty sure I am not the only one.

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Not enough 3* Generals, I guess :sleepy:

I def would like see more 3* only quests and events or something.

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Don’t forget to vote! If enough people vote, maybe SG will do something.

Idk about the 2 tier scenario.

But i do think restrictive/rare wars could be interesting

Just know players like to ask for more and more, devs like to take a suggestion and push things further, could be some pretty cool results which will result in more cheers and complaints, would be a nice change from all the current complaints though

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To have this two tier Alliance War you need the whole alliance agreement on participating in either tier of a war and enough other alliances subscribed for the same tier. Otherwise opponent matching can be a problem.
And this looks cumbersome to me.

In my understanding rare challenge events are the only shpere where you can use that many 3*.

Agreed. SG should create a dungeon for surly players. Mods & Developers are people too!

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I think that instead of doing multi tier Alliance Wars, which are hard to maintain, we can ask for multi tier raiding system or a championship arena where you can define defense teams of three levels (only 3*, 3 and 4*, and all up to 5*) and attack teams must be restricted in the same way. At the last level we will get nowadays raids, but first two levels can be interesting as an application of lower ranked heroes.


Dates of post slightly outta whack cause I merged a couple together that were the same.

Why not give more emphasis to building 3* and 4* hero’s for wars. Wars are the highlight for most players so have at least one more per week or go to 4 per week but an 18 hour clock?

I’m with this. Separate tournament and wars for 3*/4* heroes. Raiding with 5* heroes is no fun anymore.


Personally 2 is plenty. I enjoy the little bit of break in between because it frees up my schedule some. And I really don’t think shortening the time down from 24 hrs is good because of people being in different time zones and different life obligations. That would just add unnecessary added stress imo