Hero Star Restricted Alliance Wars (Rare / Epic... Like Tournaments)

Please, not more wars… 2 wars per week are more than enough.

I do like the idea of restricted heroes, though.


A good suggestion would be like raid tournaments but for wars, with rarity and elemental restrictions. The tournament condition is not necessary to implement at this point.

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Its more like the current war is different. The frequency of wars in unchanged.

Part of their suggestion was to have more wars that was the main part I was responding too. But in all honesty I’m not a fan of only 3* and 4* wars either but that’s just me. Because I don’t have the time or the resources to build up 6 teams of 3* and 6 teams of 4* on top of working 5*

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I like this idea of using a full roster of different levels of heroes.

Not sure how hard it would be on the developers end, but how about this:
-2 flags for 5* heroes or under
-2 flags for 4* heroes or under
-2 flags for 3* heroes or under

That can also be changed to 3-2-1 to keep people happy.

Most players have at least 1 team of 3* heroes leveld for tournaments and events anyway, so it shouldn’t require most players to level more heroes.

Then comes the setup of a defense…I have long been a propnent of having a limit of how may “stars” you can have on your war defense. Lets say you get a total of 21* in 5 heroes of your defense. That should make it easier to use those flags when using 3* heroes, most likely for clean-up.

I think it would add more strategy to wars.

Also, if they did this, I would recommend removing the aid the defense gets

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The idea itself sounds nice… but the problem is the defense teams.
How are you gonna take down a 4000+ defense with a 3* team?

Edit: I didn’t read the last part about what you had written about defense, mea culpa. Nonetheless, my point stands… even with your 21* suggestion, a player would be able to build a team that is close to 4000.

I would like this, but without leaving my current alliance. It would make a more level plying field, would be fun!

I love the idea. 3* heroes might be valuable again :slight_smile:

Maybe also include something similar to war defence teams too.

I look forward for war every week but seeing green tanks esp TELL is sickening… im suggesting a war using 3 and 4* heroes … whatcha think?

I would love to participate in wars with 3* or 4* heroes only. Wars would be more exciting. Another good idea is to exclude one colour each war (like in tournaments). Those ideas have been mentioned already in another thread, but I cannot find it now. :thinking:


Meh too… hopefully they listen to this and make useful of our 3* and 4* heroes other than tournamnets… :upside_down_face:

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Awful idea mrs p! Mwahahahaha

:rage::rage::rage: fight mehhhh!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Only if i can use 5* heroes!? :axe:

No, because then it would only be a contest on who uses the most flags.

Not to be a wet blanket, and while I think it would be neat to see put into action, because of the way alliances are ranked with war score being used as a factor in overall alliance ranking, I doubt that they would ever do it. Or if they would, it would be a long way off.

With tournaments, you’re on your own and are ranked accordingly. With war being an integral part of your alliances overall ranking, there would be a potential negative and unintended impact to alliances total score.

That’s not to say that they couldn’t find a work around, but being that they’re still trying to fix wars as it is now, I wouldn’t imagine anything likes this coming about anytime soon.

Look for the Beta Beat topics tomorrow.
New war rules will be added.
This might be included in them.

If not, then I think there will be another rule, which will not allow the use of Telluria… (Maybe green not allowed or something like that).

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How about a new war type is introduced with rare, epic and legendary in separate wars.

This will give everyone an opportunity to opt in and/or opt out.

Rewards are not cumulative but separately distributed for rare, epic and legendary conquests/defeats. Obviously lower/higher level loot is the way it rolls.

Possibly giving more satisfaction and less of the same tanks?

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@Dudeious.Maximus You merged my idea into the wrong topic as it doesn’t follow the full thread, please revert back. Stop rushing like the developers

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