Hero classes & talents guide

Hey guys,

now that Version 18 gone live i am allowed to share my guide with all of you.
A lot might have already seen it as i shared it on Line and our 7D-Discord already.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to tag me here, on discord or line if something is off.

#edit: updated swap of Kestrel and Kageburado

Added the pic ScndStar made from my guide!

#edit3: crossed out titans as emlblem loot source and added “in the future” for challange events as to Update by @Petri


Thanks Rilf! Y’all did an amazing job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks ! This is awesome

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Thanks @Rilf. This was really useful and was great for giving my Alliance members the heads up on a major new part of Hero development.


Excellent!! Thank you Rilf!

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Awesome work, @Rilf! Thank you so much for helping the community!


Fantastic info! Thank you for all your hard work and the rest of 7DD, et al

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Thanks, that was really helpful

Only change from beta to live i know so far is kageburado rouge -> barbarian

Anyone got others?

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Perhaps kestrel but i don t have him. I try to verify .

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@Xero786 confirmed. Swaped Kestrel and Kage.
Krestel barbarian -> rogue


Thanks you Rilf :kissing_heart:
And thanks @Xero786

Thank you @Rilf!!

Thanks to @ScndStar i could add a really well made pic to my hero class guide!

It‘s also in the sheet but check it out:



Awesome work @Rilf, thank you! :slight_smile: I would recommend to upload the infograph here as well so it’s easier to view!


Thanks. Good idea. Added it to first post.

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I didn’t noticed at first but Kelile and Scarlett are typed on “ice element”

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I didn‘t saw it either. Thx

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Thank you :sunglasses:

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@Rilf This is awesome! Thank you

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