⚖ Hero Balance Discussion: Khufu

All heroes you labeled cannot take a whole team out by themselves.

I think that if nerf comes someday it will make his special skill just like Winifred. A strong main hit and minor hit in chain damage

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As more heroes that need counters come into play, Khufu is becoming even more OP. For example, if you are facing Jove, M&M and/or waterpipe, chances are you cannot focus on Khufu. Khufu being able to almost one hit all fully emblemed, LB’d event heroes is ridiculous. He needs a nerf and in the next round

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i was able to get Khufu when he was first released. I havent leveled him until recently (and currently still leveling due to a lack of rings). i haven´t used him too much yet, except events where different heroes were needed, like tavern of legends. Therefore i can´t really judge objectivley yet.

But i must admit that he does a LOT of dmg, especially compared to other heroes i have (i am FTP) but i cant compare him to other strong/OP heroes since i dont have them

Sooooo SG, when is this hero being nerfed? I’m really tired of losing a match when my ENTIRE team just gets destroy by this OP hero. It doesn’t matter if you’re full health or not, you are just done. Alfrike doesn’t do that, Ghoseck doesn’t do that (only conditionally), no other slow or very slow hero does that.

Nerf needed to at least change his class so he doesn’t resist ailments, and remove the sand DoT.


Yes, Goseck does the same amount of damage and often a lot more because his threshold is capped at 600% damage to all, a full 150% more than Khufu.

Ahmose does 400% to all as a wizard with no requirements at. He is just as dangerous, if not more so, than Khufu.

In my opinion all three need a nerf, so I would like to see your enthusiasm reciprocated on their threads as well.

So tired of them introducing new characters that start out OP then never get nerfed. It’s ruining the game a single character that kills an entire team is beyond dumb. It’s ruined Wars and raids and they’re going to lose even more players. At this point if I wasn’t in my alliance for years I’d have already quit but my loyalty to my teammates is the only reason I play. Please make this game fun and competitive again please I miss when it was. Btw I have over 40 topped out 5*s so lack of my team power isn’t the problem. Broken gameplay is

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Hence why lvling the right heroes are so important. If Khufu fires, it’s either bad luck (it happens once in a while) or your tile movement issue or your team is too slow.

There is a reason no one uses Khufu in war except very fast.

40 hmm, sounds like the amount sitting on the bench for top players.


I’ve faced Khufu in raids in plenty and he’s not the terror that he once was… it just took time to learn strategy to account for him.


Agree - he’s not unbeatable. People just need to learn how to strategise.

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He’s good, but now I’m not even sure he’s a top 10 hero.

LOWERING the stats of new heroes is no sence, because next created heroes will be stronger than the previous ones :laughing:

Whenever I see Khufu, Loki is my guy. The most useful hero I got from SE and perfect for all the new OP heroes. :sweat_smile:


Attaque stat are op it’s clearly a 3 match win or lost the game falling to his end im happy with that if i knew one year ago it will be like this i would stop spending way before june last year feel like they stole money from me

Hope you have stopped spending by now.

The signs were there, since Zynga bought out SGG in 2019, if you bothered to look. Faint in the early days, became more obvious with time.

Now it’s just screaming in your face.

It’s easier to discern if you play other similar gacha games or play other Zynga games. Their MO is similar once they have acquired 80% stake in a game, with remaining 20% over the next 3 years.

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actually, not true. I use him as 1 of my tanks in the double formation and sit around 2750 in cups. When I do get raided, I win about 60% of them.