Hero ascending advice

I have been playing for several months and accumulated a good amount of heroes and leveled them to max without using any rare ascending materials which I have a very limited supply.

So it seems I am at the point where I need to ascend some heroes to max level to keep progressing, but I just not sure which ones I should.

I have enough mats to level

5 star:
1 yellow
1 red

4 star:
2 purple
1 green
1 yellow
2 blue
2 red

As yellow I thought to do Guinevere but then I got Joon and not sure now.
Also, I am planning to try for Onatel when S2 opens this month.
So not sure what to do with yellow.

As a red I only have Azlar but not sure if he is a good choice. Maybe I should wait a little longer cuz it takes such a long time to get the mats.

Here is my roster of heroes available to max level:

5 stars lvl 3.
Sartana 57/70
Mother North 37/70

4 stars lvl 3
Wu Kong

I have a bunch of 4 stars not leveled heroes of different colors, so if there is suggestion please let me know.

I think I would like to get a roster more or less balanced between titans (9-11) and raid (2000 - 2200 cups).


dépends on your priorities…
but of course Wu Kong
guinevere for raids / Joon for the rest
boldtusk grimm boril wilbur rigard are really really good
have a nice game :slight_smile:

Sartana and Evelyn are really cool too

I’d lean towards the following 4* heroes:
Rigard ( unless you have Proteus lying around)
Wu Kong
A Green of your choice, maybe Little John for mana control, if you have no other options for that.

I have no 5* heroes, so can’t give you any advice there.

I have Azlar maxed and enjoy him, but if you’re in the 2100 cup range I’d first get BT (great all-around hero) and Wilbur (awesome on Titans) up to speed.

In that time you might pick up a red you prefer more.

Wu Kong is also a no-brainer for Titans.

As for Guin and Joon, it depends on your goals. Guin is the best defense tank for raids, but she doesn’t do much anywhere else. Joon is a great fit in pretty much any team.

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