Help with my roster, who i should limit break 2 first

Hello community,

I’ m a new player and trying to decide from bellow list of players who will benefit my roster the most once limit break 2.
Heroes at level 85
Cardinal Richelieu
Queen Anne
Milady de Winter

Other heroes that i have but don t think they are more suited then the ones above for LB2:
Cleopatra, Khonsu, Khepri, Thalassa, Gelert, Athos, Aino, Black Night c, Ukkonen, Chomper, Set, Kufu, Queen Guowang

Thx for any help!

This really depends are a few factors. What color tanks does to your alliance use? Do you have other heores LB2 on your defense or are these the first ones?

Leaning toward Granny Ninja for your tank. Constance if she is on defense and you have other LB2 heroes.

I’d probably lean towards Farrah since she’s really good for all areas of the game. Damage dealers gain more from an LB2 than passive heroes because in addition to extra survivability, they also gain extra damage power, so I’d prioritize a hitter.

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All of them! But I’d go with Farrah and Myoin personally. Great heroes.

We don t have any rules from alliance, basically my alliance is a small one where i was invited one i joined the game few months ago. Also there is not much communication in it, that why i m trying to get more info here.
At this moment i don t have any LB2 heroes, and have enough only for one hero. (Have a line of 4 stars heroes LB2 and a line of 3 also LB2 for events).
From the one i have mentioned for my defense i m usually using Constance Aradia Granny Cardinal and Rochefort, that soon was replaced by Farrah. Not sure yet if is a better choice.

somehow my first intention was going towards Queen Anne, because of the taunt. and also considering the fact that is same color as Granny Ninja so i will charge them both. Using 3 other heroes for killing part.
It looks i have some good heroes but i have the feeling i m missing something, that why i said that maybe taunt will help me giving more time to charge the attack heroes.

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Queen Anne is great for sure. Also, her mana buff won’t stack with Granny’s so that’s something to consider. Also, you’ve got to consider your current roster and what your biggest needs are at the end of the day. You’ve got plenty of great heroes so going with any of them wouldn’t be a bad choice but to give a more objective suggestion, we’d need to know who you’ve already leveled up.

Any of this ones is ready for LB2, since all are 85. Regarding my needs i noticed i can kill an entire set if i fire first especially the two red players (Aradia and Cardinal). but none of them have cleanses so if i don t fire first i get screwed fast also. That why i considered Anne with taunt will maybe provide me the time i need to charge my team.

Hi Dyna49, i have replied bellow

Hmmm. Well, Queen Anne is slow and the insta taunt lasts only 3 turns. If you’re looking for some more support, I’d go with Cleo. She heals like crazy, provides ailment protection which also heals if the enemy attempts to place ailments, and her passive has 60% to cleanse.

Thalassa would also be another candidate. I use Hathor and Thalassa is just as good if not better.

If you don’t have mana, Styx, or cyclope troops leveled up for mana bonuses, I’d stick with fast or at most average speed heroes.

I have Queen Anne at 85 and she’s served me very well at 85.

Thx, indeed for green i don t have mana troops, i have for all the others but at level 17.
I will work on the ones you mentioned, Cleo is 3.70 and Thalassa is 4.10.
I will keep Farrah as a candidate for LB2. What you think about Aradia for LB2, she will get counter, maybe it will help and i can use her as tank considering the high stats she has.

This guy is a nightmare as a defensive tank but if your looking for versatility Myoin-ni or Aradia work both offensively and defensively.
Good luck and very nice choices for a newer player.

Aradia and Cardinal are a great combo indeed! I wouldn’t choose the LB2 by who’s the best hero, that would be Myoin-ni, but rather by what gives you the most value. Hence why I suggested Farrah. Getting an alpha taunt is also a very sensible thing to do, so BK and QA should also be among the higher-priority options. Plus, an LB2 Shrubbear is something everyone should have. Rochefort is a hero I initially planned to LB2, but it’s already not always easy to not instantly kill the target, so I’ve held off on that.

In general, Farrah is just pretty much the perfect first LB2 5*: She’s damage-based, very good for all areas of the game and brand new, so her stats are great.

thx for the advice, indeed that is what i was looking for, something that can give me a good value at my level. Regarding Rochefort i want him as it is for now, sometimes i use him to hit taunt hero but not kill and use Farrah to kill so in this way i kill the taunt but also do a lot of damage to everyone that was hiding behind taunt hero.

thx for the advice, i saw Ukkonen present in top 50 players next to taunt most of the times but i have him far of being ready for a spot in the team. Chosen other reds for now and still have some other options like Chomper that it does healing also and the new HoTM.

You should LB2 Granny Ninja. She will be most useful at your level. You can tank her since you are in lower alliances. LB2 the other heroes you are probably getting ahead of your gameplay ability.

First i did Myoin-ni.
For the second one i m thinking if i should chose Farrah or Rochefort. At this point any of the heroes i have are not able to kill me other strong hero from one shot and sometimes that is important. Yeah Rochefort special brings a lot if you don t kill at first but at some point some other heroes is best to just have them killed.
Now i m not sure who of the two is able to do that if LB2.
To take in consideration that my setup does not have defense down or attack up for other heroes.

That’s why damage stacks exist. If you use Rochefort and Farrah together, you can hit a target with Rochefort first, then follow up with Farrah to kill that target.

No hero can completely one-shot an LB2 5* with good stats, at least not in general.

I’d go for Farrah, I actually can’t think of any hero in the game who I’d LB2 over her.