Help with choice of red limit break

Just got fifth aether so I can break a red 5*. Red is my worst color by far and I used to only have Mitsuko as only 5 maxed red and after almost 4 years I got Yang Mai then last month I got Marjana finally.
They’re all maxed and shown below with their emblem levels and eventually they’ll get to 20 as they’re top on each list for monk and rogue since my others are done. Also I do have Elena and Khagan at 3.70 but I had them for a long time and never took the. Up even at 24 rings I didn’t max them but figured I’d mention in case someone thinks I should limit break them after leveling.

But right now the choices are below. Mitsuko is in my defense with krampus, frigg, joon, and Clarissa(or Domitia+20 or sartana since I just got Clarissa from ha10 but she’s +12 already)

Thanks, theres no reset so I’m really choosing carefully. In beta I took mitsuko up with LB I’ll edit post if I can find a screen shot but who would you break?

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I’m not super excited by your choices (I say this as I have similar choices). If you end up getting Marjana’s costume it’s an easy win. But that’s a big if.

I’d go Yang Mai. I’d be using her more than Marjana to begin with. Mitsuko doesn’t get me super excited. But I’d consider going with a four star for now given.

I’m curious what others will say and what you end up doing.

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From your list of 3, my vote goes to Mitsuko …
Although for me personally there would be quite a few others before her in the queue such as Elizabeth, Costume Marjana, Black Knight and the Ninja …

Wait for marjana costume. :).


Ill genuinely suggest u to wait for another better hero… There are many great heros in game later ull regret to give ur imp limit breakers to random hero, keep them for best hero

I would go Yang Mai now, it could be months or years before you get the costume for Marjana or another red 5 star hero ( do you have 6 rings now) I would use them now