HELP ME...defensive raid team

Albi - Isarnia - Kunchen - Onatel - Azlar


Kunchen - Isarnia - Albi - Azlar - Vivica

I favor the 2nd team as it is a gamble with Albi in the middle. The moment Albi is not killed in the first 2 turns, most likely the opponent will dread the moment Albi launches his special. I base my selection on what I would fear most in my opponent if the board is bad.
Vivica at the right wing is a finishing touch to kill any hope for the opponent.

4/5 slow heroes are a big gamble…thanks for your advice AirHawk

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Sorry guys for the tag…canyou help me with the new heroes?

Thanks a lot

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Id say to leave Isarnia and Joon out of the formation and putting in Onatel and Lianna.

Alberich - Zimkitha - Kuchen - Onatel - Lianna

Onatel is a sturdier priority target and could buy enough time to let Alberich fire his special.

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I like @FraVit93 s reccomendation , I’d mess around once frida gets emblemed putting her in place of zim. Having a robust splash damage hero protecting alby with kunchens debuff in my experiences has been more devastating than zims ability.

Regardless of zims buff and hitting all targets and frida possibly hitting 2 . Targets going down asap I find is alot harder to deal with. Also alby can take all the druid emblems.

Other advice for my question?