🌞 Helios - Top 50 Alliance

We welcome everyone who gets strong hits on the titan, uses all of their war flags, goes all-in on mythic titans and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

We’ve made it as high as #1 global on the leaderboard, regularly top 50, always top 100 (when 30/30). We aim to be better than #37 on the mythic titan this time around.

That said… It’s not easy being top 50, and you have to have the team to do it. For us, that means:

  • At least one rainbow set of Troops 23+
  • 35+ maxed 5*
  • Good attitude

We don’t expect you to pay to play this game, and we refuse to pressure anyone into buying anything, even the mythic titan deal. As @lightsmessenger knows, it takes a lot of time and effort to be free-to-play (FTP), so if you have done the work, your team will show it.

We used to be labeled “the most laid-back top 100 alliance,” but the core group has been together for so long that we’re stronger and want to be more competitive. So, we have instituted a few more rules to keep it fair and allow us to be top 50.

  • Harpoons managed on a rotating 3 day schedule (3 groups of 10 managed via Line)
  • Zero tolerance war flag policy. Opt-out is OK, missing flags is not
  • Post mythic scores after 12th flag (to ensure everyone is hitting)

@Munch @Cvs


We also are prone to bouts of silliness…


The grass is rarely greener on the other side :joy:

Do you still hang out with @madmarv in that tourney line chat?

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We have one spot open! Join the fun and grab your marshmallows as we watch the SG dumpster fire.

Looking for 1 here in sunny old Helios.
Free for All Wars.
Top 50 on the last two Mythic Titans!
Line is munch.76 if you wanna chat, etc.

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