🕵 Hannah – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Manage to pull her from first S4 gem pull. I do think she’s gonna be interesting to use, but didn’t expect her to be OP as many claimed here…

Definitely OP in offense since healers are rare (and bad) in defense.

She is probably not that OP in defense as the fiends can be easily counter

Let’s see. Gonna max her in 3 weeks time. Gonna post my findings here.

lionroar graded her as Cplus ?

I’m going to test her in my defense team

I watched that, c plus is ridiculous. I’m not sure how you come up with that. He kept going on about healing, the idols steal your healing and she has uncleansable attack down at very fast speed. I don’t think he makes any sense in that video.


her special skill almost identical with elizabeth…then ely will be graded as plain C…while there are some askin to nerf eli so i guess it doesnt make sense to me either…

wait for the whales that got her and show her skill here…

I imagine he ran out of A grade certificates after splashing them out like confetti over the Circus heroes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like Hannah, I don’t have Hannah :frowning_face: But for some reason I had in my head that she was going to be holy. Probably because the idols are gold. That suits me slightly less well, although I still won’t complain if she turns up.

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I would have much preferred her her as holy.

I like Hannah and think she’s a great hero. Need 3 more tabards to ascend her but I think she’ll be fun and useful.

Hannah seems very good. Elizabeth is better due to her fiends being more of a problem but Hannah is far from bad.


That is a ridiculous grade. Her first hit will be 6 tiles with the mana troop so her fiends will be feasting on your opponent before most healers would be available to cleanse the fiends. This could go on for a few turns applying damage and making sure their hits aren’t doing very much damage. Her special is something very different and harder to analyze than a simple great hero like Morel. I might end up being wrong but she has great potential.

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Sorry, on rereading what I said could be taken as the opposite of what I meant. I would have preferred her as holy too. Should have read “Dark suits me slightly less well”, or even clearer, “holy would have suited me better”.

If you consider healing as a counter to Hannah, keep in mind that she effectively does 215% + 20% max hp damage to three targets on fast mana. That’s about 800 damage to three, more than any other hit-3 hero in the game.


This is what I keep trying to say…the heal inhibit is the real gut punch IMO. At fast mana speed.

Hannah is very good against BK or Krampus Flank.
The atk % down is undispellable so, they won’t get any Atk up

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After fighting her a few times today I would much rather face her than Elizabeth. The hit all as opposed to three makes a difference.


I chased for this hero and ended up with her after getting a 2nd Garjammal, Morel, Akkarog (DP?), and my 2nd and 3rd Dr. Moreau.

I swear SG loves to taunt me with multiples of heroes that seem great to have on the surface but are effectively as useless as a S1 5⭐️ since they’ll never be leveled up.

I’m excited to use Hannah in War, S4 levels, and certain PvP attacks. I tend to attack up the middle to clear space to Ghost tiles. She will make that SO much easier to do.

Congratulations! She looks like a keeper . However I didn’t get lucky this event . Have fun with her!!!

Bummer, I hope you get lucky next time around! :grin:

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