🕵 Hannah – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Hannah looks similar to Elisabeth, but there’s a BIG difference…


Still no logic why and how she is graded as a C+. Just take a look at Anchors grading. The only C grades are Noors, Guardian Owl and the Guardian Lizard. As you mention in youre video Hannah is comared to Vela. Vela is graded as an A hero by Anchor. Yes, the difference is hit 3 but. Thats a very long way from an A to a C+.

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Does that idol stack with other attack down ailments?

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What he failed to do in that video is a fair comparison to Hannah’s speed vs Elizabeth’s speed. He said with a level 23 mana troop, Elizabeth is basically as fast as Hannah.

What that assumes is that there is no troop on Hannah.

You can’t compare speed based on one hero having a certain level of troops and the other having no troops at all.

To make it a true apples to apples comparison, you have to compare speed based on both having the same level of troops.

That makes that, one of his biggest points, null and void.

To make a fair comparison, if you put a level 23 mana troop on both Elizabeth and Hannah, Hannah will be not only faster, but she starts with 20% mana, so her first hit will be at very fast speed.

You can’t compare any average speed hero to a fast speed hero and say that the average speed hero is better because you can put a level 23 troop and make it the same speed.

A fast hero, all things equal, will always be faster than an average speed hero.

Please, don’t be intentionally dense. You make some valid points but there is no comparison in speed. Hannah is and always will be a faster hero than Elizabeth.


Besides which, not everybody has a level 23 troop in the requisite colour.

What sort of damage do the idols do each turn on offense?

And I think that first hit speaks to exactly what she is intended to do. She is intended to be very fast in her first hit and cause some chaos right from the start. Going to need to use your healer far sooner than you would like or those three heros will take damage each turn and not be able to do much damage themselves. Do t know if Garnets first heal would provide the 20% but very fast Grazul only gives 15% so not good enough to get rid of the idols.

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@Mosse78 I use the full grading scale A-F (I am an educator after all) where C is average, not bad. F and D are bad. C is useful in some cases, not in all cases. B is for heroes who are mostly good but not best of the best. A is reserved for the most overpowered heroes or ones who can be used in all scenarios.

I like to use a wider range of grading so there’s some more differentiation between heroes.


@wick_dawg in real-life play, a fast hero with a level 23 mana troop is not functionally any faster than an average hero with a level 23 mana troop. That’s why the level 23 mana troop on an average hero makes it so powerful.

A fast hero fires in 3 matches. An average hero fires in 4 matches. Put a level 23 mana troop on both and the fast hero still fires in 3 matches while the average hero now also fires in 3 matches.

I also pointed out in both videos about Hannah that the first time she fires it’s very fast. But again, that’s one time where you get a very fast so-so effect of attack decrease on anywhere from 1-3 heroes. Hannah is still going to let heroes through to deal with it. Elizabeth will hit the whole team and prevent every single one of them from doing anything about it.

If you don’t have the level 23 troop, then that certainly affects the decision, where you’re choosing between a decisively faster, less-effective hero or a slower incredibly powerful hero. However, for those who have the troops (and even those who don’t), mana reduction has ALWAYS been far more powerful than attack decrease. Especially when we’re talking about applying the effect to 1-3 heroes or ALL heroes.


When a hero has mixed reviews; I think it’s best to just play around with the hero yourself and see if you like the hero. Everyone’s roster and playing style is different so some heroes are considered underwhelming to some and not others. It’s nice to hear what other players think and what they grade them but just keep in mind that that’s just their opinion.

Yet you downgrade a slow hero to an average hero, when the speed difference is the same between an average and a fast hero.

By your logic, a slow hero may as well be functionally fast as a fast speed hero.

I spent a couple weeks using my food on nothing but leveling troops to get a level 30 mana troop in each color. I can confirm that fast heroes will charge faster than average speed heroes, all things equal. Also, making an extra match isn’t always a given if the match isn’t there to be made, So, yes there is a difference in speed between the two. Not to mention again that Hannah charges at very fast speed on the first hit. So on that first fire, there’s not likely to be any holes in the defense yet, so Hannah will be hitting 3 heroes.

I acknowledged that there were valid points there. Those being mana generation down is more powerful than attack down as well as hit all vs hit 3. But that is also the reason for the difference in speed as well as the Hannah having higher damage and attack stats.

I’m not saying Hannah is a better hero, but there are just some flaws in your analysis.

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I like Hannah which is who this thread is about right? That 20% mana at the start is no joke. She can damage and hamstring the opponent very quickly. I’d give her a solid A.

That’s the beauty of all this. While @NittanyLionRoar may give a rating based on collected data and observations (which, by the way, are very good), the true rating of a hero is subjective based on 1) whether you have the hero, 2) how the hero fits with the rest of your roster, and 3) your ability to use the hero’s strengths to your advantage in a given setting.

For example, Hannah is an A hero because I have her and she rocked during war today. Elizabeth is an F hero because I don’t have her, so she’s absolutely no good to me and, in fact, causes me a lot of grief during raids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (but yes, I still want her).

As you said @Deadpond this thread is about Hannah, and I’m lucky to have gotten her and enjoy using her.


I don’t know how people can grade these heroes until using them extensively and/or fighting against them extensively. I’ll reserve judgment until I can play with her for a bit.


I would say your review is pertty accurate in terms of Hannah being in defense, as I think Elizabeth would be better in defense overall and I wouldn’t put her above a B in defense. She is too easily countered, as Hannah would be, with most healers able to do so.

I do think she is much stronger in offense, possibly up to Elizabeth’s level. You would be able to use her effectively versus a team with no healers and the initial VF speed can let her (usually) get her hit in before any of the opponents, which means greatly increases your survivability especially considering attack ups won’t work on the 3 targets you select (Krampus, Heim specials will be partially neutered). The idols will be able to whittle away damage for the whole duration of the match which would really synergise well with any kind of battle of attrition team setup. So in my opinion she would be something like a C+ in defense and a B+ in offense. I am some way away from being able to level her and use her, at which point I will have a better idea of her utilisation…


This I agree with. The rating is only seemingly looking at her in defense…which she is meh in. Offense she is probably B+ or even A depending on the situation. I’ll level her in a few weeks and play around, but those fiends block healing at VF and reduce attack. That’s around 300 hp each hero right there of “extra damage”.

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Lady Locke sayin “nah”

She’s more of a suck-three hero though

1+1=2, C+ + B+= B so overall grade is B? B is still much better than C+ !!!

I don’t have her but to me she is an A+ in offense just because she can hard counter at very fast speed frigg/odin flanks.

An attack debuff is really what you need to survive those two and she does that indefinitely cause healers are rare in defense (because mostly bad)

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