As if Hannah and Elizabeth's fiends were not bad enough

How to make Hannah/Elizabeth even STRONGER … consider this synergy!! What are your thoughts on this? Better for offense or defense?


As the owner of Hannah and Elizabeth, I wanted to incorporate this synergy into my defense team and tried to pull Yunan or Rana in the Sand Empire.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get either, so I haven’t tried it yet.
Hope I can get Victor or Vanda on Halloween.


I use Elizabeth and Vanda together :blush:

I think it’s best for attack because you can manage the timing.


Evil. We don’t need Elizabeth and Hannah getting any tougher to beat!


Let’s not get ahead of our selfs; it’s very likely that these two will be next in line to be nerfed! In mid/high diamond arena you can find them pretty much in every other defense, so as the purple 5* slayer hero….whatever his name was, and now with LB they’ll get even tougher.I laugh every time someone starts complaining that they should be buffed :rofl:

Elizabeth and Hannah and Senan, and now Motega! We’re gonna need some anti fiend heroes soon! (Yes I know, healers, minion summoners. But that negates other heroes you might want to bring. Ah well, new meta incoming.)

I think minion eaters, like Grimble, need to be updated to eat fiends as well.


I wouldn’t underestimate Costume Elkanen! :slight_smile: Vanda would be killer.

Lucky you! Awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

lol, sorry … someone had to say it. haha

I would be very surprised if that happened. The history of nerfs has been a small handful of heroes whereas there have been hundreds of buffed heroes. It is much more likely they will make available the Grimble/Gobbler type hero to counteract them.

I can only imagine they will be coming soon …

100% … look forward to their arrival.

But don’t you want fiends to be on your enemy? If you use Grimble’s special and he eats the enemy’s fiends, you’re actually harming yourself - right?

Grimble eats minions, not fiends. What is being suggested here is that there will be heroes coming out like Grimble that would eat the fiends that were placed on us.

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Or, a hero similar to Lady Loki would be pretty fun – throw the fiends back to the opposing team!


I proposed a fiend counter hero months ago, and I like the design of it, so hopefully you dont mind sharing him again :slight_smile:

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Nice! I like your thinking.


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