Halloween Offers (calendar)

As some of us might not be convinced about the price - value ratio of some of the halloween upcoming offers, I thought it would be a nice idea to discuss that in order for people to spend their money wisely. I am one of the player who always feels uncertain, since I’m

A quick overview of gem prices in the shop:

200 gems - €1,09 - €0,0055 per gem - Event offers (x5)
400 gems - €5,49 - €0,0137 per gem
850 gems - €10,99 - €0,0129 per gem
900 gems - €5,49 - €0,0061 per gem - VIP (over time)
1800 gems - €21,99 - €0,0122 per gem
2800 gems - €32,99 - €0,0118 per gem
4800 gems - €54,99 - €0,0115 per gem
10000 gems - €109,99 - €0,0110 per gem

I’ll adjust the list daily, but I have no information about what the price is for countries with a currency other than euros.

Offer 1 - October 22
200 gems + Compass - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 2 - October 23
1000 gems + Mystic Rings - €10,99 - €0,0110 per gem

Offer 3 - October 24
200 gems + Hidden Blade - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 4 - October 25
2800 gems + 2x Epic Hero Token + 3x Epic Troop Token + 1x Tome of Tactics + 1x Fine Gloves + 1x Warm Cape + 4x Orichalcum Nugget + 2x Meteor Fragments + 1x Titan Energy Flask

€32,99 - €0,0118 per gem (converting the tokens into gems makes it €0,0082)

Offer 5 - October 26
200 gems + Warm Cape - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 6 - October 27
4700 gems + 3 Epic Hero Tokens + 4 Epic Troop Tokens + 1 Mysterious Tonic + 1 Orb of Magic + 2 Compass + 8 Meteor Fragment + 8 Dragon Bones + 8 Orichalcum Nugget + 2 Titan Energy Flasks

€54,99 - €0,0117 per gem (converting the tokens into gems makes it €0,0081)

Offer 7 - October 28
5 Hardwood Lumber + 1 Meteor Fragment + 1 Hero Token - FREE

Offer 8 - October 29
200 gems + Sturdy Shield - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 9 - October 30
1000 gems + Farsight Telescope - €10,99 - €0,0110 per gem

Offer 10 - October 31
200 gems + Fine Gloves - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 11 - November 1
2800 gems + 2 Epic Hero Tokens + 3 Epic Troop Tokens + 1 Royal Tabbard + 1 Hidden Blade + 1 Fine Gloves + 4 Dragon Bones + 2 Meteorite Fragments + Titan Energy Flask

€32,99 - €0,0118 per gem (converting the tokens into gems makes it €0,0082)

Offer 12 - November 2
200 gems + Orb of Magic - €2,29 - €0,0115 per gem

Offer 13 - November 3
10000 gems + 5 Epic Hero Tokens + 5 Epic Troop Tokens + Poison Darts + Damascus Blade + 2 Sturdy Shield + 2 Trap Tools + 20 Meteor Fragments + 20 Dragon Bones + 20 Orichalcum Nugget + 5 Titan Energy Flasks

€109,99 - €0,0110 per gem (converting the tokens into gems makes it €0,0088 per gem)

Offer 14 - November 4
1 World Energy Flask + 1 Raid Energy Flask + 1 Titan Energy Flask - FREE


Let’s start with today, October 22nd.

200 gems + compass for €2,29.

This basically is €0,0115 per gem + compass, almost exactly the price value ratio of buying 4800 gems in the shop. Is it worth it?

I think it’s a nice deal, but I don’t ‘‘need’’ the compass. Taking in consideration the upcoming atlantis event, I hope to see some cheaper offers for 200 gems. If you do need a compass, I guess it then becomes worth it.

I had started a similar analysis and published on my Alliance site (http://www.enemysfriends.xyz/2018/08/ma-quanto-mi-costi.html Sorry, it’s in Italian).

After a while I realized that the gem value is 1.1 cents€ if purchased except for VIP and some offer (the ones at 1.09€ for 200 gems, for example) where it’s 0.5 cents€.

Considering that we also gain (few) gems at no cost by playing, and to stay safe on the side of not exceeding with my purchases, I consider that 100 gems equal 1€. So, a 10x is 26€ (or 30€ for Atlantis) value, an elemental pull is 3€ and so on.

Not really accurate but enough to keep my expenses in control within the game :smile:


Great! It’s good to see the price value ratio of VIP and the €1,09 offers. I have added them into the list. Thank you.

So a month of VIP + 5x 200 gems (€1,09 offer) will provide you with 1900 gems at a price of €5,49 + €5,45 = €10,94. That’s half of the shop gems price (1800 - €21,99). For C2P this seems like the way to go, if you’re looking for solely gems.

However, would you consider the offer of today be worthwile now that there’s a compass included?

As a C2P player these are the deals I always go for. The value is there. Maybe I don’t need the compass now. But I will use it one day.


Today’s offer has 1000 gems + Mystic Rings at the price of €10,99.

This breaks down into €0,0110 per gem. Compared to the offer of october 22nd the costs per gem are cheaper. It also equals the price of 10000 gems, which is the normal shop it’s best ‘‘value for price’’ money. A mystic ring is added, which is an unfarmable AM.

This offers is a lot more appealing to me in general than yesterday’s offer. Agreed?

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I have done the same kind of calculations. Personally, I count 3* ascension items as being worth 300 gems, and 4* ascension items as being worth 500 gems. Then, budget permitting, I am willing to buy any deal for less than €0,0110 per gem (shop price for 10000 gems).

PS: so I did buy toady’s offer with the rings… and also got rings with Mystic vision :smiley:


The deal is worth it. But being a C2P and having 6 rings I will wait for the next offer (I think I could change my mind).


That sounds fair to me! I hope people who are in doubt can make up their mind based on this thread.


For sure. These are some of the better offers imo.

I also like how they went to 3 offers for the special ones. I think they will appeal to more as it isn’t just a cheap one and an expensive one anymore. I bought the cheap ones for the gems and token.

Helped me get Victor without using any of my gems!


Ssshhhhhhh. This game still hasn’t given me Victor yet after giving me 3 Valerias. :sweat:


sorry, I didn’t get her. Maybe another day when I try.

New heros are great but then I got lucky and a wrench gets thrown into my plans…

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Sorry for the ignorance, but what does C2P mean? XD

C2P is used for cheap to play, as opposed to F2P (free to play) and P2P or P2W (pay to play or pay to win)


Thanks for you effort. I appreciate it very much.
Can you please add the costs/gem in your original/first post, too? It would be quite more convenient :slight_smile:

Done! Thank you as well, that makes it more complete.

it means the above.

To me it means I spend some but don’t go overboard.

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Whether the calendar offers are “worth it” can be nothing but subjective. I played this game the first 6 months before ever dropping a single dime, and what got my first purchase was the winter calendar offers last year.

I’ve still never bought gems from the in game store, but just focus on the offers that sell gems + mats at the same rate as the best the store has to offer. And the monthly gem offers at half that price, the ones that come alongside the events.


The deals are great. I think the $1.99 deals and the VIP passes are the ones to buy for ctp players who are like me and think the regular shop prices are overpaying :slight_smile:


I thought the one today (gems & hidden blade) was pretty great - exactly what I need to bring Ares up a level. I’d classify myself as C2P too - generally I only spring for great (cheap) offers like the flash offers for Atlantis and VIP.
Also set a small monthly budget which I stick to, and don’t get beat up if I don’t get the 5* everyone is after.


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