🛡 Hall of Legend is recruiting

:crossed_swords: We are casual / competitive members (11)
:crossed_swords: Amazing leader & co-leader who give recognition & communicate

Hall of Legend

:crossed_swords: Enjoy the game and have fun
:crossed_swords: All player levels welcome
:crossed_swords: 5* / 4* Titans

:crossed_swords: No hate speech or blaming allowed (family-friendly)
:crossed_swords: We understand life is life (doctors, work, family etc), communicate
with us & all is good!

Any chance you guys would be interested in a merge? I’ve currently got 14 members in my alliance, Yellia’s Prison, and I’ve been looking for some more reliable players to add to the group. We try to use all war flags (but sometimes have a few unused), and titans are considered optional although most of us hit them. We’re currently facing 5/6* titans.

Hi Zesty
Thank you, I shall let my leader know & see if she would be interested in doing that

Sounds good, thanks!

I should let you know, I found an alliance to merge with us so we’re pretty close to full up now. Good luck with your recruitment!

Thanks Zesty
We would like to keep Hall of Legend open and also wouldn’t mind if any alliance would merge with us :slightly_smiling_face:

Still looking for new recruits for our awesome alliance - Hall of Legend!

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