Hall Of Legend is recruiting 🍺 (3 positions open)

:shield: We are a casual, fun alliance with daily active members & not highly competitive ie we enjoy winning wars but are aware not all wars are meant to be won (even after a hard battle) and some titans do escape

:crossed_swords: Please use all war flags if opted in :crossed_swords:

:space_invader: Currently hitting 8* to 10* titans

:speech_balloon: No blaming or hatespeech

:speech_balloon: Personal life comes first eg you probably should not hang out with us if your boss gave you a task with a deadline!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(communicate this briefly with us and all is good :ok_hand:)

:earth_americas: Members from around the world (English language of choice)

:dash: Enjoy humor!! (We do have a member that randomly farts during wars, titan victories and in general happiness… you have been warned!!)

:mute: We do not use 3rd party apps like discord/ line (in-game chat only)

:beer: We enjoy general banter & have experienced members that share/receive game knowledge/information


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