Gwniver´s Goodbye 🌄

Gwniver´s Goodbye :sunrise_over_mountains:

Aw, well, how to get started…

Keep it short?

Go into details?

Or simply say thank you?

…Maybe a middle way, before I dash out of here?

Because no matter how I view this, the time has come. And it caught me by surprise too. I kept hoping till the very end. But everyone has their limit. Aether Powers is mine.

The finishing line simply moves too fast, and though this game is not about reaching that, there comes a point, where being okay with continuing to be down here simply won´t be enough anymore.
Especially as I move further and further down the ladder instead of up.

I struggle to continue supporting the way this game now ‘works’.
The lack of communication and appreciation from the developers to the beta players and players in general.
The fact that our forum moderators are not even getting paid for what they do.

Basically, and as short to the point as possible;

I just. Can´t. Anymore. :broken_heart:

I want to take a moment and wish you all the very best in life and the game. :pray:
May happiness find you, and always be with you and your loved ones. :four_leaf_clover:

You´ve been such a great community and this forum is one of few places online, that are genuinely nice, and monitored so well by the beloved moderators. I applaud that so much. And you.

I want to mention a big bunch of you, but I would worry I´d be forgetful and hurt someone unintentionally. :hugs:

So; thank you to everyone, who I have interacted with throughout the years.

For the smiles, helpful conversations, and joyful bantering.

For everything. You´ve been so great. :candle:

Thank you.


@Gwniver thank you for always being so positive and always thinking of what’s best for us humans. This game isn’t that and that is for sure. Hope you have fun out there!


Your positivity is the best thing about this entire forum!!
I haven’t been here long, but I will miss you greatly.


Oh my days … so many good people leaving the game and the forum …
I do understand your reasoning, I really do …
Many, many players accepted that 2LB would roll out but have expressed their frustration that none of the improvement suggestions made in Beta look to have been adopted …
I wish you well in your new endeavours and I wish you much happiness…
It’s been a pleasure reading your posts in here, you have brought so much fun
Take good care of yourself and be happy
Goodbye and all the best to you


I can only say, though it is heart wrenching to lose one of the most kind and positive voices here, do understand that you must do what is right and best for you.

Am surely not alone when I say you will be missed .
Be safe
Be well


It’s too bad that the game changes are driving another player away. All the best. I know we’ll all miss you.


Sad, sad days are this. Thank you for your contribution, it was pleasure reading your posts. Stay safe


It has been like this for a very long time. And I wouldn’t blame the developers either.

But I will miss a pleasant voice in the forum. Thank you for being part of the forum. :cry: Farewell.


Thank you @Gwniver for being a vivid and cheerful part of the forum. Good luck in what lies ahead for you.


Sorry to see you go, happy for you being able to pull away from this small giant’s gravity well. Every day, more and more this feels like a black hole sucking away to no avail, all fun and spare time. Wish I had the strength to pull away, too… fair well and goodspeed on your journey!


Will genuinely miss the spark of sunshine you bring to this forum. Good luck with whatever you decide to devote your time and energy to next :heart:


I do not like your decission, but have to agree its more than reasonable.
Farewell fellow ftp-player and voice of possitivity.
Will miss your lively contributions and your memes.

Its a sad day for E&P and the community.


I wish you a happy life


Always sorry to see someone go. Still, one should not take this stuff (bothering you) to seriously.
This is a game and should be viewed as such. Play your own game, your own game style. It does not matter what developers do to the game if it’s still fun to play.
Personally, I would only ever quit if I felt bored.

Still, sorry to see you go and I wish you all well


All the familiar names with positive comment are moving on. I’m sad to see such a highly respected player leave. However, I know its for the best.

I wish you the best, Geiniver!

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I am sorry to see you go :frowning: but it’s you call to make…

Enjoy your new extra spare time !

I wish you the best !


Oh no, I know you’ve been becoming disenchanted by the game for a while, but I’m sad to read that it’s reached a breaking point for you!

On the other hand, it’s good that you’re doing what’s best for you too!

I hope you’ll come by and say hi from time to time @Gwniver . The forums just won’t be the same without your own brand of positivity and empathy and good cheer and your nice on point gifs and emojis… you’re someone who can give a rant and I still end up feeling even more cheery than I did before, you just bring so much warmth. I wish you all the best and please please please come say hi from time to time :slight_smile:


Bunches and bunches of blessings and bestest wishes in your RL endeavours. Your positivity and warmth will be missed - but you have to take care of yourself first! :hugs::two_hearts:



My sweet, sweet @Gwniver … I will miss the sunshine you spread throughout the threads you visit
:sunny: …I will try to remember to keep your charity thread alive :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: …I will miss your kindness… be safe, healthy & happy!
May you find the enjoyment in all that life offers :two_hearts:


Thank you for everything you’ve tried to tell to the community and the devs of the game. To listen the playerbase. Even if your words have been unheard, your posts have been always 100% true.
I’m sad to see you go, but when words are not enough, then you have to act. I wish you all the best!


Thank you for all the good you put in to the forum and contributed to it .
Really Sorry to see you go :confused::green_heart:
There is a breaking point for folk guess its the LB2 point …
All the best to you and what every you choose to do next in your journey in LiFe :green_heart: