Gullimbursti or vivica

In my opinion Gullimbursti is a bit better then Vivica eaven if vivica is 5* ,what do you think about??

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Agree. I’ve always used Gullinbursti over Vivica. This is especially true in farming, titans, and Ninja Tower. I can see myself making a slightly different decision in a war if I want a cleanser.

If talking about Viv without her costume or bonus, then yes. Mr. Pig boosts HP and has that AoE attack that will go away only if you kill him or even better, block his buff altogether. Even base Viv with costume bonus is too passive and her healing can’t go over max.

C-Viv has an advantage of becoming average speed with high level troop or last talent node and that defense down is truly crippling. I am running Skadi, and there having someone with defense down is important because Freya. Also it helps to deal with enemies quicker.

So I would say Viv < Viv C-Bonus < Angry Boar < C-Viv. However, it greatly depends on the rest of the team. And still love pig (I have 4 of them maxed). Plus Orbs are much easier to get than Darts.


I use both.

When i get more druid emblems i will start embleming the pig which is extremely good

I’d do Gulli first. Over heal, less MATs , food and recruits to max him. Also, cheaper to get his emblems to 20.


The only thing Gulli is missing is the cleanse. I generally prefer him when running yellows, unless I’ve got an opponent with lots of DoT (since Vivica is my only yellow cleanser). If it’s somewhere where I’m mixing colors, Gullinbursti all the way, since there are lots of cleansers in other colors.

It’s a sad statement but Viv is left behind by Gulli.

If you get Vivs costume the game changes though. That’s a beast if a costume.


I run both in my main holy stack. Viv with the heal first then the pig with the overheal. Win win. After that first fire of their specials, Viv becomes a bit redundant unless a cleanse is needed. But by that time I’m hoping the battle is over with my fast hitters and the tile damage doing the job.

The pig is undoubtably good, and when emblemed up is definitely up to par with base Viv. Once you emblem Viv up she becomes much better IMO. Or if you have the costume…cleanse or dispel, your choice! Defense down in yellow? Ultra-rare. Dispel, very rare for 5* heroes too. If you don’t have the costume go with the pig. If you do it’s no contest IMO.

I just got the Viv costume so she isn’t very emblemed up yet…

My opinion is that Vivica is rarely problematic outside rush attacks but Gulli is just plain evil to deal with at times (for me at my level (50) with my roster)

I feel like this is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. Their special is very different, and there are situations you’d use one but not the other. If going up against a team that is heavy on ailments, the angry boar will most certainly fail you very badly even if at +20. If it’s a team that is just straight up damage with few/no ailments, then perhaps piggy may fare better since you can overheal.


And the overheal kills me everytime, if I can deal with him early I usually have it it because they were relying on that buff.

Yep. Gullinbursti makes the wings super bulky before you can even start working on them

Are you referring to 4* tournaments? He’s slow and that’s his greatness weakness, so any mana controller will make short work of him since he’s a druid and so can’t withstand or manashield. If you’re talking about 4* rush, then yeah he can be a pain, but costume Hu Tao is a perfect counter to him even if he’s the weak color. (actually cHu Tao is the best counter against all those healer heavy defenses people like to put out for 4* rush, as if a bunch of healers can slash me to death lololol)

Do you have one you “can sell me under the counter?”, so to speak?

If I smash a phone on the costume portal I will go TOTALLY psycho. (EDITED for reasons!)

“Dear SG, How many Banes can you realistically fleece me for at the costume portal over me before I call ■■■■■■■■?”

Sure, meet me at the corner of Main and Second at 1600 SHARP local time tomorrow.

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Great, we have a deal!!!

Bring enough roc… errrr minerals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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