Gullinbursti or vivica?

Hi i was wandering should i replace vivica in my yelow team with gullinbursti?

I could take emblems from Kadilen and give them to gullin. But then does my green mono to weak?

Im thinking about raplacing Kadilen with another Hansel. Curently working on second Hansel. Is this a good idea?

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Im not sure because my Vivica remains unleveled. On the other hand Gilinbursti is seeing a lot of playtime more than anything in hard quest/events and pve.

Am i wrong if i see Vivica more oriented to Pvp(wars/raids) while guilinbursti more suited to pve?

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@Lexxtarc yes, it might be true. But is this a good idea raplacing 5* with 4*? And what about taking talents from Kadilen and giving them the pig?

I would say no. With the new line of emblems that SG implemented you will get druid emblems often(i mean more quantity not frecuency). Eventually you will be able to unlock a few nodes of Gilin without stripping any of your heroes.


I say Gulli. The same speed, overheal and quite good offensive special.


Definitely. Gullinbursti does much more than Vivica. He heals by extending max HP upto double. He does a very good damage after 3 turns. And he is a beast when paired with Wilbur.

I have two Gullinbursti. One at +19 other at +7. When I use them both with Wilbur, Total 800 HP boost to all allies and 780 damage to each enemy after 3 turns (It is dispeellable). Also his HP boost counters the max HP reduction by Alfrike and Almur. And then their is attack boost that can go up to 3000 for 3 turns.

No need to strip emblems, you shall get them eventually.

Also, my opinion may be biased, as I do not have Vivica.


Have you thought about using both? I run C. Vivica, Jackal, Joon, Bai, and Gulli together on my yellow team. Viv will refill your health and then Gulli can boost it over the max to really help the survival of your overall team. I thought it might be overkill when I first tried that combination, but I found those two work really well together to keep everyone alive while the hitters do the work.


IMO, it depend,… if I face opponent with many status ailment, I bring Vivica (without emblem) and also can be additional with Rigard or other…
otherwise Gullinbursti is great for raid but need some emblem or other fast support heroes…
Gullinbursti is more great in maps/quest…

I don’t think so, specially if Kadilen is in your defense. Emblems will often get some, just like @Lexxtarc said.

I have 3 Hansel maxed, and he is solid very usefull for war and raid. I also have try 3 of them together for fun in raid with good result.

Seeing you have mana troop purple lvl 17, I would emblem Proteus to +19, if you have wizard emblem left. I have 2x Proteus at +19. Charge in 9 tiles is game changer.


Go Guilli, you’ll be able to max him out loong before you max out Vivica (eblems speaking)

the dude makes it so you can charge up your teams health before you face the boss (On events)
and its a healer in regular fights. he’s always gonna over heal a couple of heroes especially if hes more towards the mid center of the field

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Your way of thinking is correct but I have Lady Woolerton too and I prefer her fast heal over Vivica’s slow.


I do not think than sheep is a great pairing for a pig in raids.
As off-color - maybe, but 2x 4* - not good.

In mono I prefer to run only Wool (Mist, Joon, Jackal, LiXiu-C - soon be Bai). Just destruction and fast backup recover with Wool.

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I actually like running Vivica WITH Gullinbursti. Both same speed. Vivica heals everyone up and then you get the overhealth from Gullinbursti. I actually would replace Proteus in your yellow stack with Gullinbursti.


I would do Gully unless you are swimming in poison darts. He does a lot more than Vivica and is pretty sturdy. Wouldn’t pull the Druid emblems just yet, perhaps when you get a better Druid 5 star you can pull them from Kad and split them accordingly.


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Unless you score the costume version of Vivica.
I would consider Gullinbursti.
The health boost is big now in our game.
Plus, those boost can override the reduce HP some heroes like Alfrike, Almur & Fura can do.
When using my +19 critical troops, Gullinbursti can rach over 1800HP. (Can double so far, thanx to the boost 3600+ HP)


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