🗿 Guardian Gazelle: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Nice, dude. Keep me coming! I cannot wait until mine is ready to go. She’s got some of the coolest artwork out there too. Do you happen to recall how many emblems 16 nodes was?

Edit: did you see this? :sunglasses:


And that’s why you don’t use GG on defense!

I’ll calculate the emblems and let you know.

Edit: 950 doing the math in my head.

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Found this guy again with his +19 Gazelle. 4700TP! Will I win? :wink:. @CorpseTiller


Another 4700 TP mammoth going down. Poor Gazelle never got to fire.


I posted this in the mireweave thread, but it seemed relevant here as well. Mireweave’s (and presumably other s3 heroes who have stacks as part of their special skills) added attack bonus is still present while gazelle’s special is active, making it possible for her attack to increase beyond the +100%


Has anyone used Gazelle on an attack team with Wilbur?

I have both but hadn’t really considered how well they work together until now

With Gazelle active, only she will get the defense buff from Wilbur. It would be devastating with her attack up to have defense down on enemies, though I’d still opt for fast and very fast hitters to pair with her and then 1 synergistic healer

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Anyone understand what this means from the new patch notes today?

“Resist Direct Mana Reduction passive skill doesn’t resist mana reduction from status effects anymore (e.g. Gazelle’s spirit dance, Onatel’s mana steal, Spell Slay by Pixie, Hansel & Gretel).“

My question, exactly. :thinking:

It sounds like a nerf to Seshat’s resistance to mana reduction, but I don’t understand why Gazelle is mentioned

I’m assuming Gazelle is mentioned because of her on death effect while dancing. So Seshat and heroes with Red Hood minions will now lose their mana.


This is the way I interpreted it as well

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Ah, right you are! Thanks

They removed the nice bug where you catch Seshat full with Hansel the mana doesn’t reduce and she takes the hit 3 turns in a row.

Another bug was Poseidon and Gazelle - while Pos was up and Gazelle died, nobody was losing mana.

2 occasions i knew of that i think they resolved


New thread is active now, please continue your discussions here:

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Gazelle is a offensive hero

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Got this from my pull.

P.S. Very happy about it. Not a gazelle , but still beautiful.


Dispel or remove… It does not matter what you call it. The outcome is the same.

Sorry to say that it does matter what you call it. “Undispellable” buffs that cannot be dispelled by such as Sonya and Cademon can be “Removed” by the likes of the Guardians Chameleon and Gazelle.


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