Groots Roots (BotS) is recruiting

Formerly Brothers of the Sword, we have merged with Groots Roots and we are back up to 24 and looking to grow!

We also have a new leader, Zenith, to go with our new alliance name. Looking forward to working together.

Still hitting 14* titans w FFA wars and dark tanks. Line is required but heavily recommended. We are an international alliance and we are looking for players who want to learn and grow with us.

Earl Verdant
Line ID: earlverdant or


Hey there, I’m Paddy Tanniger the caddy manager. Yeah, it rhymes, and so does our alliance. Big whoop! Wanna fight about it?

Erik is one of our special players…and a Family Guy fan apparently. But yeah, we rhyme. Come check us out.


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Hideeho hideeho…still recruiting. Just a thankless job where I have degraded myself more times than I care to admit and will never share the details of with anyone.

Or was that something else.

Anyway we are recruiting. Forget that other stuff. Please.

Hey all. I’m currently taking a break, but I’m still helping Zenith and the GrooBotS (cool name) recruit. Come check us out…even if I’m not currently there.

Happy Tuesday foks! Looking for a change and some good people to play the game with? Check us out. International English-speaking alliance and we use Line to communicate. Come check us out.

Earl Verdant
Line ID: earlverdant