Grevels Travelers Snack

Has anyone ever noticed when you use Grevels Travelers Snack, it heals everyone (the green numbers above the heroes heads), and then the blue numbers that pop up (I believe is the +30% attack numbers) next above the heroes heads, for some reason it does not give the + 30% attack to one of my heroes. I noticed it the first time when I was on a map stage fighting monsters. I then held down on the hero to see his status and it didn’t say anything about the plus attack. 2nd time I noticed I was in a raid and Grevel was on the opposing team and it happened to his/her party as well. All heroes but one got the added attack status. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if so, should this be happening for a specific reason, or no it should not be happening and all heroes should get it no matter what because that’s what it says in the ‘special’ description?!?! Thanks in advance for anyone who gives any feedback.

Which hero was the one who didn’t get the attack buff? Chick Jr has undispellable attack down after firing, same with By-Ulf.

Green numbers that pop up show how much was healed up to max hp, and blue numbers are how much they are healed over max hp. So if it only heals up to max hp, you wouldn’t get any blue numbers

Attack up is a status effect that you can check when you long press on the hero. All get +30% in my experience. You can check both the attack stat and the status effect when long pressing the hero


@Dannyoh31 is 100% correct in my experience

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It was Karil who didn’t get the boost on my team. The hero that didn’t get the boost in the raid on the opposing team I’m not 100% sure but I believe it was Oberon.

This is 100% what it is :slight_smile:

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