Goblin’s Lair Recruiting - 6 spots available- 10*/11* Titans

If you’re looking for a solid group of friends from around the world to support you as you compete and optimize your teams, stop looking! Goblin’s Lair is an international, English-speaking alliance seeking competitive, mature (18+) players to join our family. Individual players or small mergers are welcome. Please inquire even if you don’t meet all of our requirements. We are willing to help ambitious and motivated daily players grow.

Interested? Inquire on LINE: lisarosee or kansashunt3r

We offer:

  • Several openings in a well-organized alliance for you and your friends
  • Opportunity to kill 10*/11* titans
  • Good win rate with coordinated war plan
  • War is optional - use all flags if opted in
  • Active line groups (alliance communication, strategy and hero advice, fun/social)
  • Solid, responsive leadership
  • A 24 member alliance with a 2448 trophy average and a 4276 defense TP average

We desire:

  • Mature, competitive players (18+)
  • 4000+ TP
  • 2000+ trophies
  • Daily titan hits
  • Line chat participation
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Goblin’s Lair has been truly nothing but amazing for me!! I have learned, developed and progressed a lot here. From titan to war strategies to day by day tips and discussions on every single aspect of this game. I am truely grateful to be part of this diverse yet wonderful, friendly and heart warming community.

This alliance has helped me so much. So many knowledgeable players willing to share their knowledge. We work as a team to win wars and take down titans all the while improving our play.

Still looking for active members or a small merger.

I might be interested. I’m in a French alliance that’s dying, always new beginners join and aren’t active and the 4 most powerful ones above me haven’t been active for 30-100 days :frowning: I play daily and use all my titan and war attacks. I just want to fill war chest first (16/25) because my participation is 100%

I’m soon to be level 48 and my main team is around 4110, I usually navigate around 2100 - 2300 trophies

Can you send a screenshot off your member.

Hi, I’ll be posting a screenshot of our roster soon so you can get an idea if you’d fit in. In the meantime, if you have LINE, I would strongly encourage you to contact lisarosee . She can give you more information about us and you can see if you’d be a fit

Filling the war chest first makes good sense. I’m actually Amy on the roster. I’ve been with the alliance for about a year. We’re all very active, and we have lots of solid mentors to help with all aspects of your game. When I joined the alliance my raid team power was barely 3000 and today I just topped 4400. We have leaders and members from around the world so there’s usually someone on to help or just chat.

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Just lost yet another war with 36 attaques Remaining :frowning: :roll_eyes: War chest is at 17/25 so I hope this won’t take 8 defeat, please hang in there so I can add some Swiss cheese to the Goblin’s Lair soon hopefully :wink:

I don’t have LINE, are you sure it’s worth getting it? There’s still time before chest is full and I left the alliance anyway

LINE is a really important communication tool for our alliance, both strategically and socially. It was kind of annoying at first but I’ve really come to appreciate it over time.
I’d strongly encourage you to give it a try. Would be easier to talk to our other alliance members and get to know us.

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Okay, I installed it and added Her, feel free to do the same, my id is Kameos

@Kameos glad to have you in our alliance!

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Thank you, happy to be here and having a blast already!

6 spots available now

Today is my one year anniversary with the alliance! Come join us and next year we can celebrate your anniversary.
For the first several months when life was more normal, my alliance mates helped me improve my game play.
In the last few months as I transitioned from teaching 90+ students a day in person to doing everything online, and everyone went through similar life adjustments, we have grown into so much more. If you’re looking for a family home AND want to make it to the top as part of that family, come join us :slight_smile:

Next war, our chest will be full guaranteed. If you join now, you will be in 100% on our next war chest.

Big win for us! We have openings for you and your friends.

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