Recruiting Competitive Titan Fighters and Warmongers To Join Our Alliance

Greetings, Fellow Tile Movers!

Our Alliance, 'Gannondorf’s Lair’, is currently recruiting Members to join us in our quest to defeat Titans and battle in Wars.

We’re a group of mostly randoms who joined the Alliance I created about 9 months ago. We’ve since grown into a friendly familiar group who chat daily about the game and support each other.

As a group, we’re constantly developing an approach that enforces fairness and rewards participation, and have made recent changes:

–We are now “Invite-Only”, preventing weaker, less-dedicated players from randomly joining

–We enforce accountability for War Opt-In/Opt-Out to prevent players from accidentally joining a War and not using energy

–We enforce using All 6 War Energy Flags during Alliance Wars, and scout/report potential enemy reset opportunities.

–We implement Discord gamer chat app to help supplement the limited in-game chat, enabling us to push-notify one another for support.

-On Discord, we also archive our Alliance’s War results, including Win/Loss, Highest Individual Score, Highest Team Score.

-Individual Players’ War scores are also tallied, applied to a running average spreadsheet that offers performance tracking from War to War, posted to Discord.

About 15/30 spots are currently available.


Must use Discord App
Defense Team Power - 3500-4000
Minimum Hero Roster - 15 Strong (Combination of Maxed or 3-70/3-60, Legendary/Epics)
- 15 Weak (Combination of lower level Legendary, Epics and Rares)

To those unfamiliar:
–Discord is a free chat app designed for gamers.
–An email account is required for set-up.
–It allows for discreet participation, direct contact without the personal nuances of Facebook, Twitter, etc.
–Player stat-tracking on Discord is managed by me, and is available for all qualifying members.

Interested players, hmu here, or find me on Discord - Dark Link#5304.


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