Gem Hustlers recruiting

Hello! We are two connected sister alliances, offering place and environment for different sorts of players.
Both alliances gather English-speaking international members.

    Our main alliance, currently fighting 11-star titans. Somewhat chatty, relaxed and funny, but serious regarding three rules:
  • must use all 6 war attacks if opted in
  • must hit titan whenever in game
  • must join Discord for help and war/titan reminders: Gem Hustlers - the Original

Our requirements:
2000+ Trophies
4000+ Power War lineup
All must join Discord server (Gem Hustlers - the Original)
All Titans aggressively and cohesively attacked unless decided otherwise
All War flags used to the best of your ability
Team Player mindset and a willingness to share what you know and learn what you don’t know.

    Our second alliance for training, learning, resting, and more casual approach. Whenever real life strikes, here is where you can rest and regroup, while staying part of the family.
    Free flow between the two alliances, chats via the same Discord channel.

Both alliances seek friendly players, P2P, C2P and F2P, new and more experienced.
If this sounds like an environment you’d enjoy playing in, join up!

We won another war using all flags, it was really a glorious battle! We have a few spots in Gem Hustlers and more in Haze Hustlers, join us and find your new family! :slight_smile:

Join us! We aim to move from 10 and 11 star titans to 14 star ones eventually! :slight_smile:

6 spots open in Gem Hustlers… join us. :slight_smile:

Another war, another win. Join Gem Hustlers!

Single players, groups, smaller alliances: join Gem Hustlers / Haze Hustlers!

Hem Hustlers & Haze Hustlers recruiting!

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