Gay Good Fun Alliance looking to Merger

Our alliance is looking to merge with another LGBTQ alliance. We are currently 7 members and would prefer to join a gay alliance but any gay/queer alliance would be fine.

We hit titans and we are active in wars. Our players are all at different levels within the game so we are looking for a teaching alliance that can make all of us stronger.

Our players are also in different time zones so we would prefer an alliance have similar. We also would like to join an alliance with similar number of players (no more than 10 players).

Our requests for merging:

  • No more than 10 players in merging alliance
  • Teaching alliance
  • Multiple time zone alliance
  • Gay (or LGBTQ) friendly alliance
  • Discord friendly

We currently use Discord for chat and have created a channel for anyone that thinks we would be a good fit. The following is a temporary invite that gives players access to a merge-channel where you can post your alliance info:



Good luck in your search.
Tell us all how you get on

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