Good Gay Fun Alliance is recruiting

Hey! Our alliance has been around for a bit now but we are finally ready to start expanding and get some fresh new players to join us. We are an all gay male (queer) group.

We hit titans … all titans, even if we can’t take them down.
We participate in all wars (if you can’t just give us a heads up).

We are a laid back group of guys who live in various time zones so the chat in the game app is mostly quiet. We do use Discord and have our own server with various channels devoted to the game.

Every player also get’s their own channel to post hero, troops, and other relevant information in order to gain feedback from the group.

We also have another channel in Discord that is totally separate from the gay where we vote on which guy we think is hotter. :rofl: :rofl:

We would love to have players join our group and help us gain traction in the game. New players; inexperienced players; advanced players … we don’t care. We only ask that you are either 1) gay male or 2) LGBTQ+ friendly.


I am a member of this alliance and it’s a really good group. Open to all Queer or Queer friendly folks!

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