Frigg and Glenda

Does anyone know if the max damage cap for frigg of 244% still applies with Glenda’s special skill damage buff? As in if there are 9 green tiles on the board, Glenda’s buff is active on frigg and then i use frigg’s special- can i potentially hit for %284? Or does it still cap at 244%? I have tried to test it but its kind of hard to create the perfect model environment for all those variables.

I would believe that you would take any percentage and multiple it by 1.4 for damage output. The buff you apply after the total percentage achieved from tiles on board.

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Thanks so you are saying you think glenda’s buff would still apply even if frigg reaches max damage of 244%?

Yes it will add to it. Looks like their was an update to here special so it will just at an additional 40 percent instead of a multiplier so what ever Friggs special final damage comes out to be add +40% to it

Glenda’s special is not multiplicative. It’s additive. In this case Frigg’s special, assuming she has enough green tiles on the board, would go from 244% to 284%.

Yea I corrected myself on another comment, glad they clarified at the top.

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