Glenda Question: maxing out potential

Looking for someone with better understanding of the math than me, but it looks like in the right combo she could be devastating on attack teams.

Consider this combo (optimal)

Black knight w/ a couple of hits (+85% Attack)
Wu Kong +185% attack (does stack with BK)
Wilbur -44% defence
Glenda +40% special damage
Ursena 260% dmg special on 835 attack

If I’m not mistaken, this combo if ursena hit all 5 targets, would auto wipe an entire team in one shot.

Can someone work out an estimated damage output on this? I’ve been running simulations on map levels and even with only 19% Glenda and low end +45% attack from BK I’m seeing hits north of 2000 dmg.

Yes, I agree that this optimal combo should wipe out the entire team.

Also curious about titan application:

Wu Kong
Nordri+Isarnia (-98% def)
Magni (420% dmg single target on 793 base dmg)

Before Wu factors in, it looks like nearly 5k dmg. Add Wu, assuming about 7-8k dmg?

Bring 5x super mana potions so you can use magni several times in succession and do approx 50k dmg in a matter of seconds?

Interesting topic, but off-color is hard to achive those tiles.
Better with mono…
Example my purple mono team: C.Rigs - Panther - C.Tibs - Ursena - Killhare ==>> 9 tiles
I only need Mana purple level 23 for Killhare or maybe +19 emblem plus level 17 mana.
But, in my practice 90% with 10 tiles (still need work on my mana troop), wipeout opponent, or only 2 left with below 100HP.

Blue teams: I do not have hit-all blue at the moment, except Snow Whie, but she is slow and remove all buff/aliment from both side.
Another blue is Isarnia but also slow. Lepus and Thorne only hit 3, maybe we can bring spirit link C.Gunnar (but he is slow).

If we bring Wilbur maybe better with red mono like: BK - Wilbur - Falcon/C.Marjana - Guardian Kong - Anzogh

EDIT: why should we use Wu Kong? He make our attack have a chance of miss… But for highest optimal damage, I agree Wu Kong or Ranvir is the best.

Kiril - C-Kiril - Frida - Glenda - Lepus (this can be devasting with only 9 tiles blue).
But only 3 opponent and if only 3, we can use Grimm or C.Magni instead of C.Kiril in this case.

If we use slow heroes, then maybe the best combo:
Att buff: BK = +85%
Additional Att stack: Ranvir = +195%
Def down: Athena = -53% (last turn athena def down)
Elemental def down: Frida
Hit-all: Cobalt (he is no 2nd best hit all overall heroes). No 1 is Snow White but she remove all statuses, so no additional buff. So with statuses, Cobalt is better, but need 3-charge (super slow).

No additional slot for Glenda, so if we can use 6 slot heroes, then it can happen, befor Cobalt hit, Glenda, then it is super synergy applied all statuses, but I’m sure there are a limit max on def and attack buff in the calculation damage thread.

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