Freya Minion Attack Boost on Fox Minions?

Freya’s Raven Minions give +50% attack to other minions active on the owner. Does that apply to minions that do not have an attack stat, like Red Hood’s fox minions? Can you add +50% to zero?

Nevermind. I just tested them out and answered my own question - you cannot increase attack on minions with no attack stat.


@zephyr1 this useful info should be added to freya’s thread

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Sure! Yes, it’s true that Minions who can’t attack get no benefit from an attack buff.

Just added this to her post:

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Dang… I was so hoping she would give my foxes the ability to claw their way through a fight.

Makes me reconsider how much I covet her, even if she’d be double trouble with Seshat.

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