🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

I have a fully leveled forge. Just not enough food and iron now to craft too much of those needed items. I’ll still give it a go, though.

If you cant make it this time because of heros youcan stockplile mats for the next pov when your heros are stronger.
How many maxed 4* heros do you have? Do you have Proteus, Wilbur or Wu Kong ?

Seriously SG? You’re giving us a PoV task that requires us to farm in the map while there is a challenge event (and a gem quest) going? That’s kinda low blow. You really want us to use as much flasks as possible, right? Sure, 5k food are not hard to obtain. But still, most people just wanna spend their WE to get through Avalon or improve their ranking… You somewhat annoy me with that move.

Does anyone know which level to farm without spending more WE than necessary? I am also gonna check Barrys Spreadsheet and post it here when I found out.

EDIT: Looks to me like S1 13-1 is the cheapest way to get the food challenge done. 8 world energy total. There might be a way to only use 7 flags by farming two different levels, didn’t bother to figure that out… But probably not, since I was only about 340 above the required 5k. @zephyr1 Maybe you want to add this?


I have Proteus unascended. And Wu Kong partially ascended. No Wilbur.

Defens team no longer effect tournament matchmaking.

It is now 5 strongest heroes available for the tournament.

Update after Day 10 of PoV
9 (+3) daily summons
16 (+6) silver tokens out of wanted chests
2 (+1) silver tokens from mystic vision
2 silver tokens from War chest
3 silver tokens from elemental chest
1 silver token form Raid tournament
2 epic troop tokens from mystic vision
1 (+1) silver token from gather resources quest

After 10 days I have 36 summons. I should have 55 (tier X) or 45 (tier IX) summons.
There is still hope with upcoming rewards for challenge event, costume summons and challenge summons.


I’m sitting on a possible 62 summons (includes 2 gem summons, one in Atlantis and one in this event - but I probably would have done these without POV anyway). Target for today is 61, so pretty much exactly on track as it stands.

I have been lucky insofar as I’ve had 2 elemental chests. I also finished top 1% in the last raid tournament and have claimed some of the event completion rewards.

Path of valor seems more like a chore than anything else, because the prizes aren’t really worth the amount of energy, time and dedication.


Well, if you feel that way, simply ignore it. Nobody forces you to complete the daily and Valor challenges to earn rewards you think are not worth it. So where’s the problem?


I completed Legendary challenge before Epic and this means I won’t get the “Complete challenge event number 3” ? o.o

If you complete Rare, Epic, and Legendary in any order, it will fill requirements for PoV Complete A Challenge Event I and Complete A Challenge Event II.

Once you acknowledge a completion on those stages, you will be sitting 0/3 for Complete A Challenge Event III for which you will have to wait for Pirates of Corellia (Mar 11-15) in order to complete that stage, which is the last for that challenge. Seeing that Stage 3 starts you at 0/3 that should tell you that you will have to sweep all three tiers of PoC to complete the challenge.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I feel more and more this way as this cycle is progressing. The rewards should be much more.

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Im sorry but these fixed challenges are dumb. 300 heros in raid for a Task? the devs couldn’t come up with other stuff to do on these? what’s next 400? it’s dumb. It’s about as exciting as a root canal. If you want to make us raid come up with other goals to swap out … like loot goals for food and iron or number of 5* heros defeated. It’s just so monotonous. And quite frankly just lazy. I get the idea but it’s only been a few days and already it’s kinda boring. I like the daily tasks but the rewards aren’t that great… i’d like to see 6 daily tasks if the rewards are going to be this meager. But I have to give the devs credit in coming up with a potentially fantastic Idea. The structure is great but the details fall short. Overall I like the idea. I’m just frustrated with the fixed tasks. I’m sure I’ll get lambasted but I’m just putting in my 2 cents. it’s a forum after all.

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I wasn’t going to do this, but I feel it’s needed.

What is valor?

The definition here tells me that valor should require traits that would embolden you and strengthen you to do things you wouldn’t normally do or want to do.

An exhibition of valor usually requires sacrifice of time, resources, and self for the sake of the greater good. This means valor isn’t always easy to find. To push to complete these Valor Challenges is very difficult for this game to many, and quite frankly, impossible for others. But valor suggests doing your best without complaint no matter how far along you are. Moving forward to be better. To do hard things. To sacrifice.

Practice challenges like collecting iron or food, crafting items, or hitting the titan are already part of the Daily Challenges. Rather than looking at Path of Valor with disgust, how about trying to embrace it and use it to be a better player (person)?

Isn’t that what valor is all about?


I’m not preparing to fight the crusades dude. I’m playing a game. I know what valor means and it doesn’t apply to playing a game. A game is supposed to be fun and not work. you’re argument is ridiculous.


Complaining and whining about a game is ridiculous. If you want to cry about Path of Valor, go here:

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Wow I just realized it’s nearly impossible to finish the PoV without the VIP pass and spending gems on tournaments.

I just did my math and since we can only miss one of the last levels of the challenges, and assuming I finish all War, Titan and Event challenges (raids done already), the trickiest are the tournament and summon challenges.

I need to do 147 more summons to be able to complete all the levels in that challenge. Even if I buy the VIP pass right now that will give me 80 more free summons. Even when adding up random silver tokens and a couple challenge coins / keys we will get there’s no way I am getting to that number without using gems for a pull.

If I disregard that last level (which I can without compromising completion), I need to make 82 more tournament attacks. According to my calculations, that averages 17 attacks per tournament. Usually I can do 10-15 attacks at most. I think in only 2 tournaments since I started playing I went further than day 3. This means I potentially also need to spend the 75 gems on continues, potentially more than once. And this is not counting the pesky 3* tournaments where I don’t think I’ve ever made more than 10 attacks lol. Working on some 3*s now to see if I can improve that.

So that would mean that to get the scope and ring I would have to spend 17€ + minimum 200 gems. Sure I would get some of those gems back, but it doesn’t really feel worth it to me.

I honestly think they would get more people to buy the 11€ Valor Pass if they made it a little bit easier to get to level 50. Sure the whales buy it from the get go and probably that’s more than good enough for SGG, but I’m pretty sure 99% of C2P would buy it if they could reach level 50 a bit more easily.

i vented i was done. I wasn’t just whining… ok maybe a little bit. lol I also gave some suggestions… just becasue you don’t like what i said doesn’t mean it lacks merit. I believe the topic is “Discussion of Path of Valor” And perhaps my post may have had a harsh tone. My apologies. But I stand by my suggestions. And telling someone to go somewhere they can’t be heard is worse.

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