📯 Fenrir – Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

He gains 40% mana from a single kill if they have 1 minion? That’s amazing. I was lucky enough to get this guy and I think I’ll max him before Vela. He’ll make a great combo with Kage. Kage is a starter, Fenrir is a finisher and maybe they’ll charge at the same speed after Fen gets a kill.

One thing is for sure, his base stats are nasty!


Haven’t measured exact mana gains yet, need to find a monster with minions to test. Maybe someone who has Fenrir at least at 3/70 can help with testing?

We need a screenshot of Fenrir right after finishing a hero with a minion. I can measure the mana gain after that easily.

Hopefully in the coming days we’ll get some of this info. I wonder if “moderate amount” always refers to a particular number, because when he kills a minion they differentiate that mana gain with “small amount”

i cant quantify it numerically, but to put it into game terms…A “moderate amount” is the same as one mana bump from Alby. A “small amount” is the same as one tic from Misandra…so if he hits and kills Seshat with 3 minions it would be like one Alby tic and a 3 banger from Misandra.


fenrir’s heal isn’t as good as I hoped; its based on opponent’s hp left. so even if you do 1000 dmg, you could potentially only heal like 20 hp if the opponent has low hp left. Which is usually when you’ll be using him.


I’m back with the exact calculations of mana gains from Fenrir’s special.

Post updated with findings from Mana mechanics with almost exact numbers

Assuming 8/8 of Fenrir’s special:

Gains from finishing a hero: 1.7 of a tile
Gains from each minion (speculated): 0.85 of a tile

Here’s how to easily calculate how many tiles you will need after Fenrir has fired.

First, determine base tiles to fill rate. It is 8 tiles with no mana bonus.

Now, for each killed hero/monster, subtract 1.7, and for each minion subtract 0.85. Round the resulting number up, and this is your final number.


With no mana bonus and one killed enemy without minions, it’s 8 - 1.7 = 6.3, rounds up to 7. So it would require 7 tiles to fill the mana. If you kill a minion too, this will become 8 - 1.7 - 0.85 = 5.45, rounds up to 6 tiles.

With level 29 mana troop (+15%) and class bonus (+2%), to completely fill mana it would require (8 / (1 + 15% + 2%) = 6.84 tiles. So, after killing 1 enemy without minions, it would be 6.84 - 1.7 = 5.14 tiles, rounded up to 6. If one hero and 3 minions gets killed, it would be 6.84 - 1.7 - 3*0.85 = 2.59, rounded up to 3.

Which troop to use with Fenrir?

This assumes Fenrir special level 8, and that Fenrir kills a hero without minion (so 1.7 of a tile)

Without mana troops, Fenrir will charge in 7 tiles after a kill

Any mana troop (even level 1) will bring the number down to 6. Level 29 mana troop will still need 6 tiles to charge.

Class bonus (+2%) doesn’t change the number of tiles to charge, it’s still 7 tiles without mana troop and 6 with mana troops.

Spirit link (+4% mana) gives no benefit for any mana troop, but lowers the number of tiles to 6 if you don’t use mana troop.

Ariel’s buff (+24%) brings the number to 5, for ANY troop, mana or without mana.

Ariel’s buff + class bonus (+26%) shaves the number to 4 for level 29 mana troop only.

Max mana speed is Ariel’s buff + class bonus + spirit link bonus (+30%). With this bonus and mana troop level 17 or higher, Fenrir will charge in 4 tiles after a kill. Otherwise, it will require 5 tiles.

So, in conclusion, any mana troop will make Fenrir Very Fast after a kill, charging in 6 tiles.


amazing post, thank you for your work. Fenrir is definitely my fav out of the new shiny’s, but Freya will be fun too.



As Fernir has 2 abilities, can we check if:

  • enemy has 65% health
  • fernir attacks:
    — 1st ability: deals 300% damage
    — enemy drops to 45% hp
    — 2nd ability: deals 600% damage
    — enemy drops dead (0% damage)
    — later ability: heals mana
    — later ability: heals 50% hp for 900% damage

Or not?

The idea is the same as of Kage and Ursena. If enemy has more than 50% health, Fenrir strikes with 300% damage. If enemy has less than 50% health, Fenrir strikes with 600% damage.

Fenrir does not strike twice.


Ok - still op, but in this case should have been 1 line, not 2 abilities in text. Checked this - its true, he deals 600% damage to enemies below 50% health, else deals 300% above 50% health.

I guess that feels far, albeit disappointing. Sort of like how riposte heroes can’t reflect more damage than their remaining hp

Lol how is he OP? People love throwing that acronym around as if it doesn’t have significant implications…

This is awesome, thank you! Since I’m like 1.5 years off having level 29 mana troop it’s a little disappointing lol, but I can’t do some calculations around my measly level 12 troop to know what thresholds to aim for when attacking for best results.


This shouldn’t matter, but he’s got a very cool animation and sound for his special. Some heroes, like Seshat, have a very annoying special sound, so I’m pleased to say his is nice lol.


I don’t know if this has been addressed, but will the have a different season 3 featured every month? Is fenrir only available this month and maybe will appear again in a few months? Is it kinda like a S3 hero of the month that changes every month?


So, my understanding is a new featured hero every month, but all of the 5 stars released are available with a lesser chance. The pool will grow larger, but keep the same total odds. Your best chance to get a specific 5* will be when it is featured, but still not great odds.


I pulled Tyr and fenrir. So sad they are fighters. Tyr, fenrir, and Kingston all competing. However love fenrir and Tyr. Some of my favorite hero’s in the whole game.


Tyr probably synergizes best with the fighter class, making him even harder to kill. I’ve got my emblems on Kingston and pulled Fen. I don’t think I’ll swap but if I had Tyr I would be very tempted. The attack path will bump up Tyrs DOT.

Fenrir’s stats are very good already so I don’t think he needs emblems as much. His base attack is 780 while Kingston +7 is 779.

Tough calls for sure though.

I put my 1/1 Fenrir in my defense team, still won so many cups. Let’s see how it goes when he is leveled up.

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Has anybody with Fenrir actually verified this 0.8 tiles from a hero kill, or is it just theoretical?

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